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Aug 26, 2018

#114 Eating and Drinking in Barcelona

This summer Phil and I visited the famed city of Barcelona. We were not prepared with how this city hangs. We arrive late one evening, and decided to hit the town, staying out well past 2am. Little did we know, the city awakens around 11pm and stays up all night long.

Trying to keep pace with the locals, we quickly learn the customs. Tapas is the name of the game here and anywhere between 1 and 2pm you take your major meal of the day followed by a siesta, then back to work. 

Happy hour around town starts at about 8pm and then continues until dinner which could range anywhere between 9:30 and midnight. We saw toddlers out to eat and wide awake at dinner around midnight. It was quite a sight, and we loved every minute of it.

We wanted to share with you some of our favorite spots (LORD KNOWS THERE ARE MANY) and believe me, we don't cover as many as we should, or COULD. It would take eons. We also share some places that are overhyped and overrated for the price on this episode *Cough.. Uma Cough*. Essentially we just wanted to point the newcomer in the right direction whether you were craving a hipster cocktail, a standard glass of wine, the best paella experience, or tapas, tapas, tapas.

Traditional tapas you will see on a menu that are staples- Papas Bravas (Never pay more than 3 euros for a serving), fried padrons, marcona almonds, bread smeared with fresh tomato and olive oil, chorizo, sardine, jambon, and my absolute favorite, blood sausage! They are all SO GOOD. Get them all. No really, eat all the tapas you can until you are sick of it, hopefully at a spot called El Taso De Oro (Surprising you will get sick of it after a while).

One of our favorite things while traveling is meeting new people and making connections that last a lifetime, and this episode has a special shout out to a wonderful family we met through a paella cooking class at their home. Paella is seen EVERYWHERE in Barcelona. Rule of thumb, if you see if on a picture outside the restaurant, don't eat it. Phil and I have been making paellas at home for the past year and will be hosting an Airbnb Experience in Pittsburgh for it soon!We are now friends for life and we knew it shortly after meeting each other! There are a lot of cooking classes boasted in town, but this one located just a short bus ride away is worth it for the cuisine, culture, conversation, and gorgeous grounds. Check it out if you are ever near the area and give our friends Miguel, Marta, Miguel Jr a huge hug from Phil and I. :) You can find it along with many others on Airbnb experiences. 

Another spot we LOVED was an exquisite dining experience for Phil's birthday. It would be something memorable for your last night in Barcelona, Rudolf Plotz from Pirate Cooking. I found it on Eat With, which is one of my go to helpful websites to look for authentic meals cooked by locals and chefs alike. We visited his building and sat with all walks of life to enjoy one of the best gastro fueled meals we have ever had. It was so delicious.Eat With is also mentioned in my podcast episode How To Travel Alone Without Being Lonely. I love this app for traveling.

All and all we came back from Barcelona about 10 lbs heavier, and cannot wait to return to explore more of what Spain has to offer. It is just the tip of the iceberg!

Hope you enjoy and let us know about your travels!

finished Paella at Miguel's house!
Phil's birthday dessert at Uma 
A local watering hole for tapas and beers.
One of the crazy concoctions by Pirate Cooking. So good.
Our friend Miguel! We love you!
Our table of awesome travelers for Pirate Cooking.
A tipsy Marta enjoys her favorite drink. Can you guess what it is?
Fried padrons and bread with tomato!
A ridiculously awesome cocktail concoction at Dux
TAPAS ALWAYS. Top left - Chorizo, meatballs, pardons,and jambon with potatoes, and an empty plate. :)
Duck course at Pirate Cooking.