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Oct 1, 2017

#94 Castle Blood

Pittsburgh has it's fair share of horror attractions, ranging from hay rides, to scare houses, forrest trails, and much more. I have not, however, found an attraction that combines all of my favorites things into one... until now.

Castle Blood was introduced to me recently by a fan on my Facebook page.  He suggested that the experience was right up my alley, boy was he right! The attraction combines immersive theater, escape rooms, AND haunted houses all in one. Didn't think it was possible?  Neither did I.

Some may say the only draw back of Castle Blood is it's location.  It's "home" is located in Monessen, a short 45-50 minute ride from downtown Pittsburgh.  I for one, think it makes it a destination, a planned journey, an adventure. When an event is located right in your city, sometimes it is easy to say "Well, I know it is there. We will go next year!" I think one of it's charms is where Castle Blood is located.

While they are trying to revitalize it, Monessen is a forgotten industrial town. Hard to think that Frances McDormand was born there with what it looks like today. Most of the building are vacant, overgrown with foliage.  The coke furnaces are still running, so the air seems thick. Hardly anyone walked the streets as we drove up on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. I know this all sound unappealing, but it makes for a perfect spooky experience.

Castle Blood is located in a 100 year old old funeral home. (How grand is that?) While this location is relatively new for them, Castle Blood has been operating for over 20 years. I arranged a podcast and tour with owner Ricky Dick.

Ricky has been in this industry since the age of 16. He walked us through the house without giving too much away (since I was planning on coming back) The front room gave me legit goosebumps as the original parlor and viewing room.  The rest of the space is disorienting, intricate, fun, and spooky.  The actors are there with you as teams of 8 take the challenge of getting through various rooms.  It really is all of the things I love in one!

Tune into this episode as we walk through Castle Blood!

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