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Marta On The Move Podcast- Hosted by Marta Napoleone Mazzoni

Marta on the Move Podcast hosted by Marta Napoleone Mazzoni is an award winning show about lifestyle, entertainment and travel. Follow along in Marta's journeys over at

Jun 22, 2022

Welcome back all! Today I am going to be exploring more into my new found passion of Improv comedy classes and why I am here to tell all of you, to try one out in your own hometown.

On episode 158 I delved into some deep content about facing your fears and sitting with discomfort. I directly referenced Phil and I...

Jun 14, 2022

Every year my husband and I do a sort of reset after the holidays. We aren't people who drink a ton. We stick with nicer wines and maybe a Negroni or two when out. Our diets are pretty good, and I usually only consume matcha or decaf espresso in limited amounts.

However, the holidays build and build upon these vices,...

Mar 4, 2022

We all have a toolbox in our home. A toolbox is a collection of items that is there when we need it in case we have something to fix. All handy, and all in one place. It probably contains at least one of the following items- Hammer, wrench, nails, measuring tape, screw driver, etc.

We create these boxes for fixing...

Dec 8, 2021

Do you often want to host a gathering, but stop yourself because of the work involved?


Would you like to get invited to more intimate dinner parties, hangs at friends and loved ones houses?


If so this episode is for you. This has been something I have long thought about but...

Sep 24, 2021

Dear Croatia...

I have a lot to say to you, and I hope I summed it up in this episode. I needed to collect my thoughts, to gather up my senses. I also needed some time to completely fall apart when I got home from this month long odyssey. Reintroduction is always hard.

In this episode I talk about reasons that I...