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Marta On The Move Podcast- Hosted by Marta Napoleone Mazzoni

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Oct 7, 2018

#117 Cinema Psychos Show Podcast

October is here (my goodness it came way too early) which means I am knee deep into the lead up to Halloween features for the show, and discovering all sorts of horror movies to watch. I have a special affinity for B horror films, and love finding new ones.

When I was younger I always wanted to be a film critic. I had visions of myself sitting next to Roger Ebert at 12 years of age, giving my take on the latest film to arise. It is one of the reasons I love film review podcasts. There are a few great ones here in Pittsburgh, and the top two in my mind are You Can't Handle The Truth Podcast and Cinema Psychos Show Podcast.

I have had YCHTT on the show before, and was excited to sit down with THE Cinema Psychos- Brian  Cottington, Laine Wooliscroft and John Wooliscroft (Johnny Nitro). This was a super fun discussion about three friends who met over their love of film, and film making.

We chat our favorite B horror movie titles, and I got to discover a bunch that I had never heard of! I cannot wait to check some of the titles out that I scribbled furiously down during the recording. Some of which include- "Orka", "Sleep Over Camp", "Night of the Demons", "The Tingler", "Troll 2", "Death Bed", "Birdemic; Shock and Terror", and two of my personal favorites-  "The Stuff", "The Hunger" (David Bowie is a vampire guys!) 

These guys are the go to guys for checking out and reviewing films, and remember, don't eat while watching "Society" according to Brian. Check out their podcast on Epicast, Sticher, iTunes, and I heart Radio! What is your favorite B Horror movie? Let us know!

This is the lead up to Halloween! Enjoy previous episodes with Gemma Hoskins from The Netflix show The Keepers, Mia La Monica, Tom Savini, and a whole lot more over the years. Also join us for our True Spooky Stories of Pittsburgh LIVE Podcast on October 14th at Barebones Productions. Free Craft Beer, Tarot Readings, and stories you have never heard unearthed by Marta Mazzoni and John Schalcosky.