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Marta On The Move Podcast- Hosted by Marta Napoleone Mazzoni

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Nov 22, 2015

Phil and I just returned from our vacation in Nassau, Bahamas!  Join us as we discuss our trip!  We tell you what you need to know before you go, where to stay, what activities to do, where to eat, and most of all what we liked and did not like about the trip. Phil will dazzle you with his opening history lesson about the Bahamas. :)  You will also get to hear all about our non caged shark dive (11ft sharks all around us!!!  I posted pics below), and if you know Marta On The Move well enough by now, you know I always manage to get myself into a calamity... My poor parents.


: a state of deep distress or misery caused by major misfortune or loss


Middle English calamytey, from Latin calamitat-, calamitas; perhaps akin to Latin clades destruction
First Known Use: 15th century

You listeners get to hear about me snorkeling into an oil spew, yes you heard it right.  We chat about the pains of trying to get thick black oil washed off of your body and hair for hours on end, and also me getting rubbed down with degreaser by a man with a gold tooth.  I can't make this stuff up. It is awful what is happening on that island, and to raise awareness, I went on KDKA News Radio 1020am this past Friday with Robert Mangino and Shelley Duffy to chat about it and make others aware.  I urge everyone to go to and sign the petition to stop the oil companies before they do more damage to marine wildlife.  I was in the water for 10 minutes and I was covered in oil.  I cannot imagine what the lasting effects have on our Earth.  I posted the KDKA link below as well.

Below are some links to the places and activities we participated in, places we liked the food, and some of our pictures from the trip! I really hope I figured out how to post a video on here, so people can experience what it is like to scuba dive!  Thank you Frank Snyder for the pictures and videos! A lot of these photos do not do the Bahamas justice. The water is truly gorgeous there, let's try and keep it that way!  Please share this post to get everyone involved!!! Check me out on the Epicast Network! #savethebay

Island Time Charters- Say hi to Marcie and Euguene!

Tru Bahamian Food Tours- Hello Nick!

Stuart Cove- diving and snorkeling

Poop Deck- The original Bahama Mama!  So good!

Nesbitts- Get any of the rum drinks

Conchin Joe's- Follow this truck everywhere!  The food is so good.

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Hit up for more pictures from the trip.