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Dec 19, 2016

#75 A Very Westworld Christmas

Alright y'all.  I wanted to end this year with something super fun.  What is more fun sitting around with some of your good friends and chatting about fan theories for the hit show WESTWORLD!!!!!   If you are not a fan, We can't be friends , or haven't finished the first season, what are you thinking?!,  then you should really turn away right................ NOW.  There are not many shows out there where I truly geek out.  Alright, alright quiet down!!! Who knew Stranger Things was going to blow all of our socks off, AND that I would get to interview one of the stars of the show (shameless plug).  That is besides the point, the point is, there is hardly a show out there anymore where I lose my mind over it.  I crave it, I obsess, and talk countless theories over it with friends when I should be working! Hi Aldo's Foods!  I could not let this moment pass me by to invite some friends over and chat about all of the fan theories that are swirling out there about this show!

To those who don't know once again wtf, Westworld is aired on HBO and stars, Anthony HopkinsJeffery Wright, James Marsden, Thandie NewtonEvan Rachel Wood, (best cry face ever), and Ed Harris (among many others).  We do not know what year it is, but you find out shortly that there is a western world made up of robots, hosts as they call them, that are part of some "experience" for the guests.  The guests are high paying human clients that get to live out their fantasies, risk free in this sort of game.  Like walking into your very own soap opera.  The hosts are programmed to have a script, until one day, things start to go off the rails.   THAT is all I am telling you.

If you are a fan of the show you will have some fun sitting with us as we ramble through our thoughts.  We recorded this before the finale, and then after the finale, so you get to see if any of the theories we had came true.  What an ending, folks!  AND what an ending to 2016!  May all your holidays be joyful and bright!  See you in the new year!

Love you all,


PS:  Two things-

  1.  I am on a mission to get someone Westworld on my show. So if you know anyone, pull some strings.
  2. I actually bid pathetically on an original Anthony Hopkins artwork.  It did not happen, and I think the broker was laughing at me via email.  Sad day.