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Jun 18, 2017

#87 Mike Hitt

It has been 3 years to the date, people!  Damn!  I am so excited to have some really incredible guests on the show this month and next.  Rico Gagliano from Dinner Party Download is joining me on July 2nd!  His podcast was the inspiration for starting my own.  Snap!  Luis Von Ahn the creator of the Captcha, and CEO of Duolingo was my last one, and this one welcomes Mike Hitt from MCM Studios.

Sometimes you meet those people you are just meant to run into at a certain time of your life.  I truly believe that, I believe in timing.  Mike Hitt was a friend I had on Facebook that I had never met in person, but followed along on his adventures.  He created Middle Class Millionare, or MCM studios, that offers recording, editing, and studio time to people of all ages.  If you remember the "I'm So Burgh" shirt, he is behind that too.

I, however, was not following Mike because of those things, I actually found out about his work later.  I was following him because, frankly, I liked his posts.  They ranged from random questions, to inspiring, and uplifting thoughts that I would think about throughout my day.

One day earlier this year, I noticed he was posting red numbers, with nothing else in his updates.  They were in succession, and went to 100.  So, for example, he would post Day 34 of 100.  I had no clue what that meant, but I was intrigued, along with other followers online.  Turns out, Mike was making himself accountable for his days.  100 days to be exact to be the best version of yourself, take action, or fulfill something you haven't before.  I was hooked!  I loved the concept, and I started thinking about my days that way as well.

In that time, Mike's 100 days inspired me to try rock climbing for the first time, and to finally get my act together, and see my idea for MOVE X CREATE to come to life and be a successful event that I plan on continuing! (Podcast later to come). It felt amazing, and I knew I had to get him in for a podcast episode to talk about the concept.

I however, had no clue how much we would mesh in real life.  We had THE best time recording this episode, as I am sure it will shine through.  It was very organic, hilarious, and we hung out long after the microphones had stopped.

Some subjects we "Hitt" Stop trying to be funny, Marta

  • Why connections in your city should be diverse, and strong
  • Inspirations for YOUR 100 days
  • Resumes, what to say when trying to get a position
  • Why you shouldn't pressure couples to get married! Hah!
  • How movement fuels your mind, and opens opportunity
  • Why you should be the strange person dancing alone at the party
  • How to make your connections more creative to gain success
  • Why being an 80's baby is THE best for finding yourself as an adult
  • Planning for your retirement that isn't just a savings account
  • The reason behind why Mike and I have a crisis every day

and much, much more.

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did!  One of my favorite parts is Mike not being able to take the heat in the podcast seat!  Haha. I promise you will get the joke if you tune in :)

Until next time!

This episode is sponsored by Levity Pgh.  Pittsburgh's premier sensory deprivation experience.  All listeners get $5 off with code "Marta"

Closing music by Aaron Leeder

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Rumor has it there is a PGH City Paper article coming out next Weds about me, stoked to take a look.


Mike 1
Mike Hitt- MCM Studios on Marta On The Move Podcast