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Dec 30, 2018

#120 Meditation With Tim Krupar for 2019

Hey everyone! We are back for 2019. I hope everyone's 2018 and holiday season was wonderful, peaceful, and full of family and friends. My husband had the best idea to start off 2019 with some well wishes and a calm mind for the universe. You all know I love floating, and a good meditation that I could share with my listeners seemed to be the most logical way to achieve this.

Enter Tim Krupar from Sit and Breathe Pittsburgh. Tim teaches meditate and studies with Buddhist monks here in Pittsburgh. He was kind enough to come on the show to answer some questions about starting your own practice, and all the different styles of meditation available. At the end of the show I hope you will join us in the 20 minute guided meditation that he orchestrated for us. He has a group that meets every Monday for meditation at the Carnegie Library in East Liberty at 6:15 on Floor 2, room 2. I hope I will see some of you there this year :)

This guided meditation is perfect for anyone who has been practicing for 50 years, 5, or has never even tried it. I have released this episode in two forms. One as just the meditation for future use anytime needs it, and two with the added dialogue and questions I asked Tim, along with my reflections from 2018.

Let's start off 2019 on a good foot everyone!

This episode is sponsored by Levity. Pittsburgh's premiere sensory deprivation experience in floating. All listeners get $5 with code "Marta" Take some time for yourself to calm your body and mind at Levity.