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Aug 12, 2018

#113 Rob Lee Co-Founder of Pittsburgh's ESports Team-The Knights

Ever dream of being a professional video game player when you were a kid? Yeah, join the club. Everyone wanted that! After the movie The Wizard in the 80’s kids, (and probably grown ups) thought that would be the most spectacular dream ever.
Well folks, guess what Marta didn’t know. Marta didn’t know it is ACTUALLY A THING NOW. No, really. There is something out there called ESports, and there are teams of video gamers all over the world that compete for major prizes in major arenas. I cut off cable years ago, so I don’t get any sports things, commercials, all that jazz. Maybe if I still had it I would realize that Esports is televised and watched by millions across the globe.
Not only on television, but on the internet is where it thrives most. Twitch is a popular site for gamers to view, comment, participate, and even pledge their favorite players. There is a guy named Ninja that makes over 1.5 million a month through his Twitch account playing games and conversing with his fans.
IT IS REAL LIFE! I never thought something like this would ever exist.
Oh and Pittsburghers? Guess what? We have our own team! They are called The Knights, and they are kicking ass out there in the world of ESports!
Recently The Knights they got into the final battle royale of only 20 teams to compete for a 2 million dollar prize in Berlin, Germany to play PubG. This episode will be released by the time they return so I hope they ace it! Update- They did SO well and brought so many people's eyes to our beloved city of Pittsburgh, but they didn't win. They placed though!On
On this interview with Rob Lee who is the Co-founder of The Knights I got into super Marta nerd mode, and geeked out over the birth of ESports, the evolution of gaming, the top gamers making bank on Twitch , PubG and other games, what qualities he is looking for in players, practice makes perfect, their new open space in Hazelwood, the competitive world of gaming, and how YOU may have what it takes to be recruited as a Knight yourself.
Tune in to find out how. ;) Keep it moving!
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