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Marta On The Move Podcast- Hosted by Marta Napoleone Mazzoni

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Jan 18, 2019

#121 We Are The Weirdos

We Are The Weirdos instantly had me hooked by it's name. I consider myself to be quite the weirdo, and wear that badge proudly. When I heard there was an event in town that shines light on others like myself, I knew I had to have whoever was behind it on the show. Enter Jamie Fadden Cannon!

We Are The Weirdos celebrates women's stories by hosting an event that allows women to stand up and tell a short 5 minute tale. It is celebrating it's one year anniversary at Mr. Smalls on January 10th, and Jamie was too excited to tell me all about it, and some of her favorite sets she has heard in this past year. All walks of life are welcome to attend the events, but only women, or folks who associate themselves as women are invited to take the stage. Names are put into a hat (Love drawing names!), and then picked out at random to get up on stage.

The nature of the stories are not always comical. They have indeed ranged from poop incidents, and travel mishaps (Some of my favorite topics), but also have included cancer scares and more deep subjects. It allows for an extremely supportive group of people to praise women sharing their inner most feelings. I feel it is a truly remarkable experience to have.

Every new years we set goals, or resolutions to try to stick to in an effort to make better versions of ourselves. In my mind, there is no better version than the side of you that can take a look inside, and truly accept who you are. To be truthful, we are all weirdos, this group just allows for that freak flag to shine brightly. Hopefully I will get to see you at their next event ;)49257748_488719108319567_4811467014906314752_n49648176_621489524970375_7730278303382110208_n49914685_363892064162704_7980148904979070976_n50006549_228117228114533_7414156100372529152_n50754091_212267799607587_2577804976961093632_n