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Marta On The Move Podcast- Hosted by Marta Napoleone Mazzoni

Marta on the Move Podcast hosted by Marta Napoleone Mazzoni is an award winning show about lifestyle, entertainment and travel. Follow along in Marta's journeys over at

Dec 18, 2020

My Facebook feed popped up and reminded me that I had recorded a podcast 6 years ago with musician Byron Nash.

Years ago we were only acquaintances in the service industry. About a year ago I ran into him, and could sense both of us were in the process of looking for something more in our lives, and also from the relationships we had with others.

I asked if he wanted to grab a matcha, and we met and discovered we were both aligned in our wishes. We wanted someone we could bounce ideas off of, to inspire one another, lift each other up, and truly listen to each other without judgement. It became a relationship that I truly cherish.

Byron and I have both been in a transitional state the past few years, taking our health and wellness more seriously, which naturally seeped into what we want to put back out into the world. To help people, educate, and at the same time keep ourselves learning and growing along that journey.

I reached out to him and wanted to see if he would like to come back on the show and talk about our relationship as it relates to who we are now and also

  1. Not being afraid to evolve past who you think you were.
  2. How important it is to find an accountability partner to achieve success.

This podcast starts with our origin story, leads to our tips for finding a accountability partner and why they are so important and leads to talking about where we both are headed, and why we feel great about that direction.

We hope it inspires others to search for the people around you that are positive forces in your life, and also so you can be a positive force in theirs.

Check Byron out on his website or hire him as your personal coach! You would not find somebody better to help you achieve your personal goals.

Speaking of accountability, I am offering listeners to this podcast the discount code “partner” to take $100 off the cost of my new wellness course 3 To Be Me- A Guided Journey of Self Discovery Through Total Body Connection launches THIS January 2021.

Allow me to be your accountability partner and guide.

Who is this course for?

For anyone that NEEDS a reset in their lives. For anyone that is stressed, has brain fog, is controlled by their cravings, need a jump start, has tried other wellness programs and was left unsatisfied.

This course is for someone that is ready for a change.

For anyone feeling uninspired, foggy, sluggish, lacking creativity, or overwhelmed. This is your moment to choose self care and reset.

Everyone wants to feel better, happier, and have clarity of mind and body, they just don’t have the tools needed to succeed. Allow me to provide those to you.

I have cracked the code of achieving total body connection, and am
bringing all my knowledge that brought me back from my 200lb weight, shifted my habits, and most importantly had me tuning into my intuition.

3 To Be Me is broken down into a simple 3 week step by step practical course for you to take action and make a change!