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Aug 7, 2016

Actor David K Harbour On Marta On The Move Podcast

Listen, sometimes there are snowflakes so special, that you have to grab them before they melt.  That is what this episode is, a  beautiful snowflake that I didn't want to melt.  A special release for my listeners who are just as obsessed as I am about the show "Stranger Things".  I was lucky enough to score an interview with actor David K Harbour, who plays Chief Jim Hopper on the show.  I cannot type how truly excited I am about this.  Maybe it is coming through on your screen, maybe not.  Regardless I am over here doing my happy dance.
If you follow me on Facebook, or just about any social media sites, you have heard me rant and rave about "Stranger Things".  How it is taking people back to their childhoods who grew up in the 80's. How it is the perfect blend of Stephen King, and The Goonies.  How it is making us wish it will never end.
I am not alone in thinking that this show was made for me. It makes me feel special, as though the actors, writers, and directors knew just what I needed to feel like a child again.  It gives me the tingles! What can I say?  The moment the music hits, and that perfectly fuzzy, iconic, font emerges on the screen. I was hooked, as were thousands of others.
Join me as I chat with David about being on screen with the ridiculously talented kids, and the magical Winona Ryder.  Why we are all in love with Chief Hopper, what being on set is like, what is the deal with sensory deprivation, what character David got on the Buzzfeed quiz, and what is in store next for "Stranger Things." (SPOILER ALERT! We talk about the ending! and speculate theories!)  From moment one of our conversation it felt like I was chatting with an old friend, a super genuinely nice guy, who has a lot to say about his experience on the show.  Delightful!!!
Thank you again, David for joining me on the show!  Remember, next time you hit Pittsburgh, your first float is on me.  Monsters not guaranteed ;)
This episode is sponsored (how perfect) by Levity!  Levity is a sensory deprivation experience located in Pittsburgh, PA.  Listeners to Marta On The Move get $5 off their first floats with code "Marta".
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Shout out to my friend Sean Collier who invited me to go see Suicide Squad, another production David stars in, right after this interview.  How cool is that timing?!

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