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Marta On The Move Podcast- Hosted by Marta Napoleone Mazzoni

Marta on the Move Podcast hosted by Marta Napoleone Mazzoni is an award winning show about lifestyle, entertainment and travel. Follow along in Marta's journeys over at

Feb 19, 2017

#79 Joe Furlow- General Manager of The Magic Castle

I have traveled quite a bit, and have visited places that I thought were incredible, and some places that were all hype.  I have wanted to visit a place called The Magic Castle in Los Angeles the moment someone told me that it existed.  A secret society of magicians?...

Feb 5, 2017

#78 City Of Play- Adam Nelson and Greg Manley

I have been waiting for this episode for probably about two years.  I have covered other events for City Of Play, and am a HUGE fan of this organization.  I feel as though I was just waiting for the perfect moment to record, maybe even waiting to get to know the organizers...