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Dec 30, 2018

#120 Meditation With Tim Krupar for 2019

Hey everyone! We are back for 2019. I hope everyone's 2018 and holiday season was wonderful, peaceful, and full of family and friends. My husband had the best idea to start off 2019 with some well wishes and a calm mind for the universe. You all know I love floating, and a good meditation that I could share with my listeners seemed to be the most logical way to achieve this.

Enter Tim Krupar from Sit and Breathe Pittsburgh. Tim teaches meditate and studies with Buddhist monks here in Pittsburgh. He was kind enough to come on the show to answer some questions about starting your own practice, and all the different styles of meditation available. At the end of the show I hope you will join us in the 20 minute guided meditation that he orchestrated for us. He has a group that meets every Monday for meditation at the Carnegie Library in East Liberty at 6:15 on Floor 2, room 2. I hope I will see some of you there this year :)

This guided meditation is perfect for anyone who has been practicing for 50 years, 5, or has never even tried it. I have released this episode in two forms. One as just the meditation for future use anytime needs it, and two with the added dialogue and questions I asked Tim, along with my reflections from 2018.

Let's start off 2019 on a good foot everyone!

This episode is sponsored by Levity. Pittsburgh's premiere sensory deprivation experience in floating. All listeners get $5 with code "Marta" Take some time for yourself to calm your body and mind at Levity.

Dec 28, 2018

Tim Krupar from Sit and Breathe in Pittsburgh comes on the show to welcome 2019 with a 20 minute guided meditation to promote wellness, happiness and peace.

Meditation only with ambient sounds to start.


Join us on Jan 2nd at 12pm across the globe to promote peace and happiness with this meditation.

Oct 30, 2018

#119 4th Annual True Spooky Stories of Pittsburgh

It's that time again! Thank you to everyone who came out to indulge us in our fun antics, and unearthing of stories that not many people know about in our hometown of Pittsburgh. We have so much fun putting on this event for the public, so thank you for your continued support. If you would like to tune into our past episodes check them out on the site!

We have so many people to thank the list is endless, but some of them include- Rob James and Brett Zoric for contributing their musical talents for our theme song, Tyler Vietmeier for recording audio and video for the event, Barebones Productions for allowing us to have our event there, Patrick Jordan, and Brittnay Spinelli for helping us organize, Jhon Phillipp Yonan for our kick ass Spooky Stories graphics, Helicon Brewing for providing kick ass brews, and Gregor Bender for serving said brews, audience members and listeners for sending in their stories, and also two very special audience members for sharing their stories live on the show, I had goosebumps! You guys rock!

A huge thank you to all of our listeners and patrons for allowing us to be weirdos. We have so much more in store in 2019! Just you wait. FOR NOW. We have made t-shirts that represent a few of the stories that we revealed in the show. The new Hell Town T-shirt is available through Commonwealth Press. Awesome material through Canvas brands, available Small through XXL. Check them out!

We will see you all next year, but are collecting stories year long feel free to send spooky stories to

'This show was born four years ago after great friends John Schalcosky and Marta Mazzoni discovered their love of all things macabre, spooky, and historical. Spooky Stories started as a salon in Marta's living room complete with friends wearing pj's, psychics, and many a late night conversation. After releasing the episode to the public on Marta's show Marta On The Move Podcast, her and John soon recieved many email requests to make this event live so the public can join in the fun.

Last year they held the first public performance of True Spooky Stories at Carnegie Coffee House, and the tickets sold out within days. This year, they decided to have a larger venue for a greater opportunity for more citizens to join in the fun. Thanks to the support from Barebones Production Company located in historic Braddock, PA. True Spooky Stories will be held there this October 14th at 6:30pm.

Join Marta and John as they uncover history that will make your toes curl in a live podcast with homemade sound effects. After four years, friends John and Marta have gone on ghost hunts, uncovered crazy historical information about Pittsburgh, and they truly love the Halloween season and bringing this history to light. You will laugh, be spooked and learn some interesting history of Pittsburgh you may have never known."



Sponsored by Helicon Brewing and Barebones Productions


Oct 28, 2018

#119 Dan White Magician

Halloween is right upon us and one of the best things to do around this time in my mind is seeing a magic show. I have visited The Magic Castle in LA, and have chatted with Lee Terbosic in Pittsburgh.

This time I took my curious nature to New York to chat with Dan White who has a residency in The Nomad Hotel for his show "The Magician". This show is intimate, immersive, and wonderful. Full of all types of magic from slight of hand, mentalism, and illusion. It has been one of my favorite things to do in New York while visiting.

Even though getting tickets are extremely difficult to time into your schedule, it is worth it. At about 2 months away from the date you would like to see the show, tickets go on sale that Saturday at 10am, and they sell out FAST. Meaning, you best set your alarm to get them.

The space that Dan has created is perfect for a date night out in New York, and I highly suggest adding it to your list of things to do while you are visiting. HE has been featured on Jimmy Kimmel, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Vanity Fair, The New York Times, and across the world for his talent. His show will make you believe magic is truly real. I got called on stage and still can't believe how he pulled off the trick he did on me. ;)

Speaking of things to do in New York, stay tuned for my list of activities that I love to indulge in while traveling there. This is for the non tourist traveler, the person that is looking to get into a deeper scene of New York, or a person that knows my taste! It will feature my favorite immersive experiences, restaurants, escape rooms, speakeasies and more. Stay tuned!

Oct 7, 2018

#117 Cinema Psychos Show Podcast

October is here (my goodness it came way too early) which means I am knee deep into the lead up to Halloween features for the show, and discovering all sorts of horror movies to watch. I have a special affinity for B horror films, and love finding new ones.

When I was younger I always wanted to be a film critic. I had visions of myself sitting next to Roger Ebert at 12 years of age, giving my take on the latest film to arise. It is one of the reasons I love film review podcasts. There are a few great ones here in Pittsburgh, and the top two in my mind are You Can't Handle The Truth Podcast and Cinema Psychos Show Podcast.

I have had YCHTT on the show before, and was excited to sit down with THE Cinema Psychos- Brian  Cottington, Laine Wooliscroft and John Wooliscroft (Johnny Nitro). This was a super fun discussion about three friends who met over their love of film, and film making.

We chat our favorite B horror movie titles, and I got to discover a bunch that I had never heard of! I cannot wait to check some of the titles out that I scribbled furiously down during the recording. Some of which include- "Orka", "Sleep Over Camp", "Night of the Demons", "The Tingler", "Troll 2", "Death Bed", "Birdemic; Shock and Terror", and two of my personal favorites-  "The Stuff", "The Hunger" (David Bowie is a vampire guys!) 

These guys are the go to guys for checking out and reviewing films, and remember, don't eat while watching "Society" according to Brian. Check out their podcast on Epicast, Sticher, iTunes, and I heart Radio! What is your favorite B Horror movie? Let us know!

This is the lead up to Halloween! Enjoy previous episodes with Gemma Hoskins from The Netflix show The Keepers, Mia La Monica, Tom Savini, and a whole lot more over the years. Also join us for our True Spooky Stories of Pittsburgh LIVE Podcast on October 14th at Barebones Productions. Free Craft Beer, Tarot Readings, and stories you have never heard unearthed by Marta Mazzoni and John Schalcosky.





Sep 23, 2018
Gemma Hoskins From "The Keepers" on Netflix
This is the lead up to Halloween in which I feature different themes revolving around this holiday. Stories about facing your fears, spooky stories, psychics, magic, murder, and more have been featured, and I could not wait to release this episode.
There was once a suggestion on Netflix given to me by a friend, that suggestion was a documentary called “The Keepers”. I had no clue what the show was about, but trusted the source and one weekend while I was ill decided to binge it. I was instantly hooked.
Where do I even start with this? How do I tell you to watch this show without giving too much away? The story is disturbing, but it is an important one to hear. It revolves around a cold case murder that took place 50 years ago in Baltimore, Maryland. It unfolds to reveal a parallel storyline about female students who are now grown up women that attended the Catholic school named Keough and triggered memories of their time at school.
Secrets, murder, rape, and more come to light in this documentary. You won’t believe what you hear, and who was all involved. It is important especially when so many priests and the Arch Diocese are being currently investigated in many cities across the country, and I believe that "The Keepers" had a huge hand in triggering a lot of this. Remember, this was before Spotlight, and I can not imagine the guts it took for these women and men to come forward, face their pasts, and confront their abusers.
It is truly horrifying, but it has prompted even some friends that have had similar experiences to speak openly about them, and that is important.
I could not wait to release this for the lead up to Halloween especially because Sister  Cathy Cesnick.  IS a Pittsburgh native. She is buried in her hometown of Sharpsburg.
Gemma Hoskins is one of the leading investigators who researched this story. I was honored she took the time to answer my questions about the case, and was very candid about where we are currently in this investigation. Her and friend Abbie Schaub were very brave historians and students of Cathy. They have even been featured on "The View" to talk about the show. Gemma and Abbie spring boarded this investigation, and hopefully with the help of others who have information we will have Justice for Sister Cathy and all the victims of abuse out in the world.
Check out the Justice for Cathy Cesnik and Joyce Malecki Facebook page, and follow along in the events that are unfolding.
Topics discussed-
- How the investigation started and lead to Gemma and Abbie
- How the Netflix show picked up the information and formulated the show.
- Who is Brother Bob? Marta and Gemma discuss.
- Why the police are finally now more involved in working to solve the case.
- Where YOU can take your information if you have leads.
- Does Gemma feel as though we are any closer to solving the case?
- Were the other nuns involved?
- Will there be a season 2 of The Keepers?
Sister Cathy Cesnik. Father Maskell. Courtesy of Netflix
Gemma and Abbie on The View


The lead up to Halloween ends with our live podcast in Pittsburgh. Don't forget to grab your tickets to True Spooky Stories of Pgh LIVE Podcast on Oct 14th! Free Craft beer! Sponsored by Helicon Brewery and Barebones Productions
Sep 9, 2018
#115 Maria Vincenzia La Monica- Cancer Survivor and Bad Ass
                  The lead up to Halloween is always my favorite time of year. It gives me something to look forward to while I know in the back of my mind that the evenings are getting darker earlier, the sun isn’t as warm as the days go by, and the ever approaching winter will be here before you know it. BUT before I can get depressed about that, I gear up my soul with some awesome podcast ideas that I want to discover that all lead up to one of my favorite holidays.
Fear, mysticism, magic, murder mysteries, true crime, psychics, ghosts, superstitions, ghouls. They all comes to play on my show this time of year. If you missed my past ones, head on back and hear my favorites. Horror director Steve Rudzinski, musicals about serial killers, fear facing slack liners, make up special effects artist Tom Savini, Scott Simmons of The Scarehouse. There are many to discover.
I am kicking off the season with a girl that is near and dear to my heart, Mia La Monica. I met this amazing chica years ago and we fell in instant love. You just meet those people sometimes. You click instantly, you may have traveled across time and known them in another life. Whatever it is, you feel it. Why am I bringing Mia on the show? Well besides her being a ridiculously talented linguist, writer and all around amazing woman, she has looked fear right in the face and told it to FUCK OFF.
Mia got diagnosed with a type of cancer called Hodgkin Lymphoma almost a year and a half ago, and I have never met anyone in my life that handled it with such grace, humor, and an all around determination to kick its ass. She faced one of humans greatest fears, fought it, and won.
For a while it didn’t look like she was going to be the winner and it got dark. She saw it all, and survived. I want you to hear her story, because it is a powerful one that sheds light on the health industry we have to live with, what signs you should keep on your radar, health insurance, how to deal with disability costs, saving funds for treatments, and facing the greatest fear of all, death. This is a story everyone needs to hear, even though you may not want to.
Head over to Mia’s Blog- The Hodgkin’s Lymphomo to read about her journey. You will cry, you will laugh, and you will walk away awaiting the next thing that Mia will be writing, because it will be genius.
Don’t forget to grab your tickets to True Spooky Stories of Pgh LIVE Podcast on Oct 14th! Free Craft beer! Sponsored by Helicon Brewery and Barebones Productions!
Aug 26, 2018

#114 Eating and Drinking in Barcelona

This summer Phil and I visited the famed city of Barcelona. We were not prepared with how this city hangs. We arrive late one evening, and decided to hit the town, staying out well past 2am. Little did we know, the city awakens around 11pm and stays up all night long.

Trying to keep pace with the locals, we quickly learn the customs. Tapas is the name of the game here and anywhere between 1 and 2pm you take your major meal of the day followed by a siesta, then back to work. 

Happy hour around town starts at about 8pm and then continues until dinner which could range anywhere between 9:30 and midnight. We saw toddlers out to eat and wide awake at dinner around midnight. It was quite a sight, and we loved every minute of it.

We wanted to share with you some of our favorite spots (LORD KNOWS THERE ARE MANY) and believe me, we don't cover as many as we should, or COULD. It would take eons. We also share some places that are overhyped and overrated for the price on this episode *Cough.. Uma Cough*. Essentially we just wanted to point the newcomer in the right direction whether you were craving a hipster cocktail, a standard glass of wine, the best paella experience, or tapas, tapas, tapas.

Traditional tapas you will see on a menu that are staples- Papas Bravas (Never pay more than 3 euros for a serving), fried padrons, marcona almonds, bread smeared with fresh tomato and olive oil, chorizo, sardine, jambon, and my absolute favorite, blood sausage! They are all SO GOOD. Get them all. No really, eat all the tapas you can until you are sick of it, hopefully at a spot called El Taso De Oro (Surprising you will get sick of it after a while).

One of our favorite things while traveling is meeting new people and making connections that last a lifetime, and this episode has a special shout out to a wonderful family we met through a paella cooking class at their home. Paella is seen EVERYWHERE in Barcelona. Rule of thumb, if you see if on a picture outside the restaurant, don't eat it. Phil and I have been making paellas at home for the past year and will be hosting an Airbnb Experience in Pittsburgh for it soon!We are now friends for life and we knew it shortly after meeting each other! There are a lot of cooking classes boasted in town, but this one located just a short bus ride away is worth it for the cuisine, culture, conversation, and gorgeous grounds. Check it out if you are ever near the area and give our friends Miguel, Marta, Miguel Jr a huge hug from Phil and I. :) You can find it along with many others on Airbnb experiences. 

Another spot we LOVED was an exquisite dining experience for Phil's birthday. It would be something memorable for your last night in Barcelona, Rudolf Plotz from Pirate Cooking. I found it on Eat With, which is one of my go to helpful websites to look for authentic meals cooked by locals and chefs alike. We visited his building and sat with all walks of life to enjoy one of the best gastro fueled meals we have ever had. It was so delicious.Eat With is also mentioned in my podcast episode How To Travel Alone Without Being Lonely. I love this app for traveling.

All and all we came back from Barcelona about 10 lbs heavier, and cannot wait to return to explore more of what Spain has to offer. It is just the tip of the iceberg!

Hope you enjoy and let us know about your travels!

finished Paella at Miguel's house!
Phil's birthday dessert at Uma 
A local watering hole for tapas and beers.
One of the crazy concoctions by Pirate Cooking. So good.
Our friend Miguel! We love you!
Our table of awesome travelers for Pirate Cooking.
A tipsy Marta enjoys her favorite drink. Can you guess what it is?
Fried padrons and bread with tomato!
A ridiculously awesome cocktail concoction at Dux
TAPAS ALWAYS. Top left - Chorizo, meatballs, pardons,and jambon with potatoes, and an empty plate. :)
Duck course at Pirate Cooking.
Aug 12, 2018

#113 Rob Lee Co-Founder of Pittsburgh's ESports Team-The Knights

Ever dream of being a professional video game player when you were a kid? Yeah, join the club. Everyone wanted that! After the movie The Wizard in the 80’s kids, (and probably grown ups) thought that would be the most spectacular dream ever.
Well folks, guess what Marta didn’t know. Marta didn’t know it is ACTUALLY A THING NOW. No, really. There is something out there called ESports, and there are teams of video gamers all over the world that compete for major prizes in major arenas. I cut off cable years ago, so I don’t get any sports things, commercials, all that jazz. Maybe if I still had it I would realize that Esports is televised and watched by millions across the globe.
Not only on television, but on the internet is where it thrives most. Twitch is a popular site for gamers to view, comment, participate, and even pledge their favorite players. There is a guy named Ninja that makes over 1.5 million a month through his Twitch account playing games and conversing with his fans.
IT IS REAL LIFE! I never thought something like this would ever exist.
Oh and Pittsburghers? Guess what? We have our own team! They are called The Knights, and they are kicking ass out there in the world of ESports!
Recently The Knights they got into the final battle royale of only 20 teams to compete for a 2 million dollar prize in Berlin, Germany to play PubG. This episode will be released by the time they return so I hope they ace it! Update- They did SO well and brought so many people's eyes to our beloved city of Pittsburgh, but they didn't win. They placed though!On
On this interview with Rob Lee who is the Co-founder of The Knights I got into super Marta nerd mode, and geeked out over the birth of ESports, the evolution of gaming, the top gamers making bank on Twitch , PubG and other games, what qualities he is looking for in players, practice makes perfect, their new open space in Hazelwood, the competitive world of gaming, and how YOU may have what it takes to be recruited as a Knight yourself.
Tune in to find out how. ;) Keep it moving!
Don't forget to grab tickets to True Spooky Stories of Pittsburgh LIVE Podcast on October 14th!
Jul 29, 2018

#112 Drinking Partners Podcast- Day Bracey and Ed Bailey Talk about Fresh Fest

            Some of my absolute favorite comedians and friends to talk to are back on my show. If you listened to the episode already, you probably heard me snorting from Ed Bailey and Day Bracey, hosts of The Drinking Partners Podcast. We are all Epicast family, so we have been frequent guests on each other's shows from time to time. What can I say, we like each other's company... and beer.

Speaking of beer, these guys love to chat about the craft brewing industry. Trends, reviews, with comedy thrown in between. They are hosting a new concept, first in the nation to be exact called The Fresh Fest which is geared towards men of color in the beer industry.

Let's face it, when craft brewing exploded, it was a white man's game. Now everyone is dipping in their toes, or full fledge cannonballing into the industry, and I fucking love it. Hell, I even make beer as a past time, and received mixed reviews when I first showed up to meetings. It is nice to know the diversity is happening, and that is what Ed and Day are bringing to the Burgh.

Fresh Fest is pulling black brewers from across the country to represent here in the Burgh. Drinking Partners collaborated with Black Brew Culture to make this event happen, and it is sure to be an awesome time. Don't miss grabbing your tickets to the event on August 11th at Nova Place!

Also, these cats just recorded some audio for the Smithsonian! What? Could NOT wait to talk to them about that, and they judged Viceland out in California. That is just too cool. You will also catch us bitching about technology in the modern world, Ed's fashion style, and a ton more we had to catch up on.

We are also giving away a free ticket to Fresh Fest! Ways to enter-

  •  Tag 3 friends in the comments section of this post on Facebook
  • Retweet on Twitter

Winner will be pulled Next Sunday August 5th!

"The Drinking Partners and Black Brew Culture are proud to present Fresh Fest 2018 on August 11, 2018 from 5-9 pm! Join us for Pittsburgh's first Black beer festival featuring the country's most talented Black brewers and top local breweries collaborating with artists and entrepreneurs from around Western Pennsylvania and across the nation. Get in early for the exclusive VIP “Meet the Brewers” podcast with Pittsburgh’s best podcast, the Drinking Partners. VIP ticket holders will be treated to an up-close conversation with two of Pittsburgh’s best comedians interviewing national brewers about how they got their start and what they have planned in the near future. Experience this first of it's kind cultural event and enjoy a day filled with unique craft beers, ciders, and spirits. Several of Pittsburgh's best food trucks will be parked steps away, and live music will be offered throughout the evening. Fresh Fest 2018 will be hosted at Threadbare Cider and Mead and Wigle Whiskey Barrelroom. Participating breweries and information will be updated daily until August 1st so check back often to see what new beers will be offered! #freshfest18"



Jul 1, 2018

#111 Greywalker Metal Band- Brian Howe and Ricky Zimerman

When someone asks me to describe metal music, I can't. I know zero, zip, ziltch about metal bands. I have a friend in Pittsburgh who is part of the Epicast family named Brian Howe that intrigued me when I found out he is the lead singer of a metal band in Pittsburgh called Greywalker. 

Brian and I have hung out occasionally, he always saves the day for my lack of technical audio skills.(He has mad skills) We even recorded a short 1 minute video where I taught him why he should pack light while he travels.

Brian has a soft spoken voice, and seems to be one of the nicest, and wittiest people I have come across in town. When I learned he sings in a metal band, I was floored. He runs his own podcast that is called Start The Beat with Sikes, where he interviews people in the music industry, so he is used to talking, but a metal band? Really?

I was fascinated, and if you subscribe to my podcast (Which you totally should), you would know that if it is something I don't know a lot about, and am intrigued by it, I want it on my show.

What is metal all about? I have to admit my taste varies all over the spectrum, but it has never dipped into metal. Like most music listeners, the deepest I went was Metalica. I am finding out now that that isn't very deep. If I am being honest with myself, I really wanted to find out if these guys were angry. They sound angry, are they filled with rage all the time? I assumed so based on some of the music.

I got to sit with Brian and other band member Ricky Zimerman to chat with them about their music, being a self starter, and balancing work and hobbies. I liked what I heard in their songs, although not my normal taste, I found it intriguing that there was yet another layer to Pittsburgh's ever growing underground scenes that I don't know about. Greywalker has a cult following around the world too, not just in our hometown. Their new album drops on July 7th and they are celebrating with a release party at the Rex. It is sure to be an awesome time.

We also had a surprise guest stop by! Nick Miller from Black Forge Coffee House has been on my show before to talk about how him and co owner Ashley Cortes Black have turned themselves into 16 bit characters for Coffee Crisis. All the good folk connect and collaborate in this town, which is why it is no surprise that Greywalker pitched in to help with the soundtrack of this game! How fun is that. Speaking of collaborations, these guys have their own hot sauce. Now that, is success my friend.

Really I would have loved to release this episode for the lead up to Halloween. I feel as though it would be fitting, but alas, here it is. Enjoy!

The episode is sponsored by Levity, Pittsburgh's premier sensory deprivation experience. Located in Squirrrel Hill on Murray Ave, Levity will have you relaxing in no time at all. All listeners get $5 off with code "Marta"


May 20, 2018

#109 Author Thomas Sweterlitsch -The Gone World

Pittsburgh author Thomas Sweterlitsch has been a guest on my show previously to talk about his book Tomorrow and Tomorrow, a post apocalyptic novel based in Pittsburgh. When I first read that book, I knew I loved the way Thomas's mind worked. It was a twisted, nostalgic, murder mystery, thriller, that plunged me deep into the world of science fiction. A place I often love to go.

I grew up reading certain authors I probably wasn't supposed to be reading around 9 years old. A combination of Zebra romance novels that were hidden under my sister's bed, R L Stine, Stephen King, and Mary Higgin Clark rounded out my reading material. My character as it stands today is flawless based on these influences. :P

Science Fiction I grew to love slowly. At first not quite knowing what defined the genre, but then realizing I was already entranced with it through multiple books. It is for this reason, I could not wait to get my hands on The Gone World. A book that stays with you long after you read the last page.

Sticking with his Pittsburgh roots, Sweterlitsch keeps the book's characters centered around a small town outside of Pittsburgh, PA. The book starts with a murder and a kidnapping, a covert government operation that involves space, time travel, and the end of the world.

The book had me hooked on page one, not an easy task. The protagonist in the book is Shannon Moss. Moss is a tough as nails government agent that takes a licking and keeps on ticking. Seriously, she is bad ass. Loved having that strong female lead in this novel that Sweterlitsch paints perfectly.

The book flew really fast for me, and also left me questioning philosophical subjects. It was perfect and I needed to finish it before Thomas came back on the show. I wasn't the only one that was interested in reading it either. Director Neill Blomkamp gained interest in the book after Fox acquired the rights to the book. Stating it was one of his favorite reads.

Is this not every author's dream to have an award winning director at the helm of your project? You can read about it in Entertainment Weekly (How cool is that) In this interview the roles are reversed and Sweterlitch gets to interview Blomkamp.

I for one cannot wait to see how it turns out, who they cast, and what changes they may have made. With all of the detailed layering in the novel, it won't be easy to adapt it to the screen. My brain was working overtime to try to imagine what Sweterlitch was describing.

Tune into this episode as we talk all about his book

Topics discussed include-

-Are there steps for authors who want to see their book move from page to screen

-Tom's favorite author to sit down to dinner with

-The Expanse and why Tom hasn't seen it yet. (Seriously, get on it)

-How he molded the world in the novel

- The Artist's Way, and how it can unlock writers creativity

- Should writers always be writing

-Why Marta will never write a book. (Never gonna happen)

and much, much more. Check out the episode where we chat about Tomorrow and Tomorrow  Man, that was episode 19 and this is episode 109. Coincidence? Yes, but after reading The Gone World, I am not so sure. LOL

This episode is sponsored by Pittsburgh's premier sensory deprivation studio, Levity. All listeners get $5 off their floats with code "Marta"


May 6, 2018

#108 Ready Player One Book to Movie Review

I couldn't wait to release this one. Ready Player One is on of my all time favorite guilty pleasure books. I do not normally prefer audiobook over the feeling of holding a book in your hands, but I prefer the audiobook version of this read by Wil Wheaton. It is perfect in every way possible.

When Ernest Cline wrote Ready Player One, he sold the rights to Warner Brothers before the book was even published, so we all knew a movie would one day pop up. We got lucky and Steven Spielburg gained interest in it. That is every writers dream isn't it? Spielburg wants to direct my movie. We all thought it would be a perfect homage to the well loved book.

Listen, I am not gonna spoil it for you, I will let our panel do that instead. There is too much to write here, and we vocalize it best. Good friend Brad Driscoll, co-founder, developer, and digital marketer of Think Big SEO has an alter ego online as Dinky Dana. Dinky Dana has an online presence as a Twitch gamer. If you read the book, you know this is a perfect match for a conversation about Ready Player One. Brad and myself got asked to sit on a panel at the Pittsburgh Retro Gaming Convention, and give our opinions on the movie as it compares to the book.

Is it pretty? Probably not,to be honest. Will you enjoy it? I think so. At the very least you will take away what we deem to be the most important thing about doing that panel- engaging more people to read this book :) If you tune in, thanks for allowing us to rant and rave, and thank you to everyone who came to hear our thoughts. Let's go find that egg.

Fun news! Marta On The Move got nominated at 2018 Creator of the Year award by the Pittsburgh Technology Council. How cool is that? Check it out here



Apr 22, 2018

#107 Lee Terbosic

I haven't gotten together with one of my favorite magicians, Lee Terbosic since my 100th podcast party. That was months ago, and I needed to have him on to see what he has been hiding up his sleeve (No pun intended).

Not only did he have the chance to meet AND perform magic for Michael J Fox, that alone had me in awe of him. He also has been prepping and plotting for the reopening of 52 Up Close at Hotel Monaco in Pittsburgh.

I saw his show last year, and I loved it. I learned on this episode that he thought it was his worst performance of all of the shows he had done for that year. If it was, it didn't show.

Lee and I chat fluidly about our love of magic, different places around the country to catch a show, and his plans for 52 Up Close that he has cooking. Hint- He has some new tricks in store for everyone who came out to the show before, and to all who are newbies, congrats, you found the best date night in Pittsburgh. No, it isn't a sports game. ;)

Lee Terbosic performs 52 Up Close at Hotel Monaco on Friday October 20, 2017 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Wick Photography)
Lee Terbosic performs 52 Up Close at Hotel Monaco on Friday October 20, 2017 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Wick Photography)
Lee Terbosic performs 52 Up Close at Hotel Monaco on Friday October 13, 2017 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Wick Photography)
Lee Terbosic performs 52 Up Close at Hotel Monaco on Friday October 13, 2017 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Wick Photography)
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This episode is sponsored by The Church Recording Studio. Located close to downtown Pittsburgh, The Church Recording Studio provides a haven for those looking to step up their audio in one of THE coolest places in town. Seriously, I have been there and I love it. It is in a remodeled church. The staff is the best, and the quality cannot be beat. Whether you are looking to record, mix or master, these guys got you covered.

"Our vaulted ceilings and vast collection of vintage instruments are just a few reasons to pay us a visit. Whether you set up to track together or take advantage of our three isolation booths, we can accommodate bands and ensembles of all shapes and sizes in our 1,800 sq. ft. live room. Work from one of our two control rooms, both equipped with state-of-the-art analog gear as well as the newest in digital trends. Visit our facility page or gear list to learn more.

Use a vintage amp from our collection, or a legendary snare from our drum rack. Track your Meatloaf tribute-album on our Yamaha C-7 concert grand piano. Don't see an instrument or pieces of equipment that you'd like to use? Contact us and we'll get it for you.

Work with one of our in-house producers (or bring your own) to ensure that you get the most out of your songs and your time. Visit our staff page to learn more.

Bring your guitar DI tracks and re-amp in our live room to take advantage of the natural acoustics. A stereo pair of mics twenty feet away can do wonders.

When you're not recording, relax in our 2,400 sq. ft artist lounge, complete with a full industrial kitchen, showers, and laundry. Catering services are available upon request." - The Church Recording Studio



Apr 2, 2018

#106 Chelsea Handler

I love a person who speaks their mind freely, openly and without caring what others may think. When I conjure up an image in my mind who fits this description, it is Chelsea Handler.

On one hand, Chelsea Handler is a hilarious comedian, TV talk host, writer, producer, and general jack of all trades. Which, by the way, does NOT mean you are master of none. It has been thought this in the past, but no longer. What being a jack of all trades means (at least to me) is that you are unafraid to try.

Try something new, something different than you are are accustomed to, and doing so, gaining a fresh perspective on something you may have known little about. Chelsea Handler is stepping outside of her regularly scheduled program this year to do just that.

After a very successful career in movies and television comedy, including her late night program- Chelsea Latelyand her Netflix show, Chelsea Does. Chelsea has decided to take this year to pursue political activism. 

"Like so many across the country, the presidential election and the countless events that have unfolded since have galvanized me.  From the national level down to the grassroots, it's clear our decisions at the ballot box will mark a defining moment for our nation," Handler wrote on Twitter.
"My goal is to be better informed, raise my voice, and participate in a more meaningful way. I want to travel the country and visit areas and people I don't know enough about and gain a better understanding. I have joined forces with EMILY's List to elect more women to public office, register people to vote, and campaign for candidates who are fighting for women's rights, LGBT rights, and gun control.”

Ms. Handler is touring the country, and with the support of The Delta Foundation she is bringing her show "An Evening with Chelsea Handler" to Pittsburgh on April 4th at the Benedum Center to benefit the LGBT community.

Hosted by six-time emmy winner Bruce Vilanch, the evening is sure to have you both laughing in your seats, and opening your hearts and minds to your community around you.

It is rare to get to witness a person who is a self described "open book", but after chatting with Ms Handler for this episode, it is clear that she truly is what she says. This conversation I imagine will be much like the event on April 4th. A combination of humor, serious subjects, and at the very core creating a connection between what drives us all as humans. I find her refreshing, engaging, and loved having the chance to discuss the following topics.

  • What backlash has she received from her recently decision to pursue political activism
  • How she got her start in Hollywood being a girl from New Jersey (I may have compared her to The Fresh Prince of Bel Air)
  • What Chelsea thinks about the term "Zero fucks"
  • How you can make a difference by having a voice in your community
  • Her year of solo travels and explorations
  • Traveling to different countries to gain cultural awareness
  • Chelsea's experience using the drug Ayahuasca <--- I had to ask about this.
  • 29570598_10155842417826943_4060193584933309382_n


Chelsea Handler--Photo approved

Mar 25, 2018

#106 Weird Paul Opens Up His Home to Marta On The Move

Do you love weird things? I do. It always peaks my interest when something, or someone sticks out from the normal every day hum drum life. This podcast guest is self proclaimed as being weird, it is even his name, and we are going to get to know him a little bit. His name is Weird Paul, and I got to visit him in his home of collected moments, memories, and oddities from the past. 

Weird Paul is the world's first vlogger, and he started in 1984. 1984!!!!!! Yes, you read that right. He took his parents old video camera, and started recording his everyday life, and eventually progressed to music videos as well. Releasing album after album, and gaining followers that crave that nostalgic feeling. My absolute FAVORITE video of his is "A Phone Call to My 14 Year Old Self"... Genius.

In a time where everything is disposable, those of us who remember what it was like before cell phones, before the internet, really miss that time. For those of you that have never had that, I am sure you are truly curious about what it was like, and Weird Paul is here to help take you back in time.

Paul has captured a ton of interesting, and really weird things that he shares with the world, and we are grateful. I hope he continues to highlight relics that have reemerged from the past, and continue to record fun videos through his original old recording devices. He is supposed to help me try and play some of mine that I lost long ago, and I can't wait!

A list of subjects we talk about in this episode for your ear's enjoyment-

-I got to play one of his first audio recordings. <--- I love this and used to do the same thing.

-Weird Paul reveals some of the weirdest pieces in his collection

- How you can fix your old cassette tapes

- Weird Paul's Saturday routine

- What are Weird Paul's top three movies?

- A spy movie starring Sean Connery's brother? What?

-What is in Weird Paul's "Rainy Day Treasure Box"

- There is a second documentary coming out about Paul.

- What does he love about his life? <--- Special thanks to Tiz Tiz

- We check out some of his awesome fan mail.

Don't forget to follow along on TwitterInstagram and Facebook to see all that is happening!


Mar 11, 2018

#104 Lindsey Smith- Author of Eat Your Feelings

Sooooooo tell me what diet you are on for the new year. Not on one? Doubtful. No really, it isn't like I don't believe you. I just... don't. New year, new you, right? That's what we all hope for, that a new year we will stick to our goals. Lose that extra 5, 10 or 20 lbs we tacked on in 2017, or from all those cookies we ate over the holidays.

Guilty as charged over here! It seems like I have tried everything, and with all those diets there is always a cook book involved. I'll stick to it for a bit, but eventually will waver off, and the cycle begins again. These days however, I find myself looking more into holistic ways of treating my body. Listening to my body, and even more so, my mood, and my mind. Letting it guide my eating habits.

Lindsey Smith is a lady I had the pleasure of meeting at the Pittsburgh Publicity Summit. I was speaking on the panel, and Lindsey and Beth Caldwell were running the event. I learned she was writing a cook book based on your mood, and I was instantly intrigued.

Eat Your Feelings-  is more than a recipe book. It focuses on what your body craves based on your emotional mood, and how to kick them to the curb, or nourish yourself. I love this concept. How many times have I wanted something I knew was bad for me, because I was tired, upset, or stressed. I can think of quite a few times.

Join me as I sit with Lindsey, and chat with her about what prompted this book to be released.

Cover. Eat Your Feelings_previewEat Your Feelings PGH Launch 15_preview


Feb 26, 2018

#104 Aaron Kleiber

Aaron Kleiber has been on my show once before when I hosted a charity event at Arcade Comedy. He is a hilariously funny human being, and is about to take to the stage once more to record a special one hour live comedy show here in Pittsburgh at the Carnegie Music Hall of Homestead on March 3rd. You should be there, it is being recorded, and will hopefully air on national television one day. You heard it here first!

Aside from his exciting news, I really wanted to talk with him about his life on the road. This guy travels the entire realm of North America, frequently. He is married with three kids, and comedy is his full time job. Listeners will get some hilarious stories about him on the road with other comedians he has worked with, including- Bob Sagat.

Aspiring comedians could use a tip or two from him on how to balance that work/life relationship while traveling. Aaron gives a ton of helpful suggestions. Also, how to own up into loving yourself and what you do. YOU ARE WORTHY!  

At one point, I ask Aaron to tell me the worst travel story he remembers from his years on the road, and it is a great one that includes being stuck in an airport when all flights get canceled. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.




This episode is sponsored by Marriot Hotels (If you listen to the episode, you will realize why this is hilarious.) I reached out to Marriot after having this conversation with Aaron about his horror story, and how Marriot came through for him in a time when he needed it.

If you need a comfortable place to stay while exploring my fair hometown of Pittsburgh, or happen to be stuck like Aaron was a while back,  The Towneplace Suites Pittsburgh airport and the Fairfield inn and Suites Pittsburgh airport located in Robinson just 7 minutes from the airport, are the perfect places to lay your head for a few nights while you await your flight. They will even send a shuttle to pick you up at the airport when your flights arrives. No stress, and no extra bucks for a taxi to get you to your hotel, where you will want to just sit back and relax. Book online at

Marriott International, Inc. is a leading global lodging company with more than 6,000 properties in 122 countries and territories, reporting revenues of more than $17 billion in fiscal year 2016 with 32 brands under our hotel portfolio. Founded by J. Willard and Alice Marriott and guided by family leadership for nearly 90 years, the company is headquartered outside of Washington, D.C. in Bethesda, Maryland.

The Fairfield Inn and Suites and TownePlace Suites Pittsburgh Airport Robinson are 2 of the newest Marriott properties side by side, all suites, all amenities included, free airport shuttle and walkable to the Mall at Robinson and hundreds of restaurants, shops and bars. They are easily accessible in and out of the city of Pittsburgh and the entire airport corridor.

For more information or sales inquiries feel free to contact their Director of Market Sales, Andrew Frost. He has serviced clients and provided top notch customer service to the Pittsburgh market for over 15 years.

boardroom fis
Conference Room
extended suite fis
exterior fis dusk
Entrance to the Fairfield Inn and Suites
exterior tps
TownPlace Suites
firepit tps
Outside Fire Pit


kitchen tps
Kitchenette in suite
pool tps
Pool! Nuff Said.
Feb 11, 2018

102 The Do's and Don'ts of Voluntouring

It is the start of a new year. To me, that means new plans, new travels, and new experiences. A clean slate. One of my favorite things to think on when the new year hits is TRAVEL. If you are a follower, you probably could have guessed that. ;)

WHERE TO? This is a question I hear, and get asked quite a bit. It is no secret that my favorite type of travel is solo. You can check out my 5 Reasons You Should Travel Alone At Least Once In Your Life episode to hear why, so I won't go into it again.

My other favorite inclusion of traveling alone, is working abroad. Volunteering for something that may be different from anything you have experienced before. This subject has been getting a lot of flak lately. So I wanted to put my two cents in, talk about why I love it, and also give some tips if you are thinking of joining a project, or are already on one right now.

In my mind, Voluntouring is an opportunity to gain new perspective, try a new task, acquire experience in something and meet new people from different cultures. The various projects I have wired on have been extremely rewarding for me. They have helped point my path to wherever I am headed. Where am I headed? Who knows?? As they say "Life is about the journey, not the destination", and I am loving this ride.

These projects I go to are just that, a journey for me personally. I love to think I am changing the world with them, but I probably am not. Truthfully, you may not be there long enough to really make a massive impact, BUT what you are helping with, even for short time may be bigger than you think.

Maybe you are helping a small business that needed the extra hands to make it through that week. That bathroom you helped build could enrich someone's day-to- day life. Those artifacts you found that will educate people for years to come.

All of these things matter. The point is, choose a project for the right reasons. Choose it for yourself to have an enriching experience. Show up, put in the work, don't be a doosh.<- Technical term.

Do's and Don'ts to Voluntouring


Don't pay an arm and a leg-  There are a lot of companies out that that are making BANK off of this concept. It is a new trend. When I started back in 2004, I found my first one on page 15 of the internet, and I had to translate it. There wasn't much going on in the way of volunteering, and I probably paid $300 for a month of rooms and board. Since then the prices have sky rocketed, so be wary of projects that have that high price tag. For example, if you are looking to set sail and save some turtles. Don't pay over $1,500 for it. Believe me, you can find a better experience somewhere else, and not break your bank account.

Don't pack like a diva- Please guys, you have heard me talk about the benefits of minimal packing. Do not show up to these places with 8 large bags. Nobody will care what you look like, I promise. If you are showing up to get a date, you are showing up for the wrong reasons. Plus, I am sure you look just fine. If you are working on an overseas trip, their idea of space is very different than ours. Meaning, they may not have much of it, and prefer that you don't have a ton of stuff with you. Relax, travel lightly, don't be that "Bag lady" or bag man. That being said, if you need medications, have some sort of ailment, of course this does not apply. Just use good judgement in what you bring with you. There is an extra tip I talk about on the podcast for this episode! Check it out!

Don't explore at night alone without letting folks from the project know- I am a worrier, I can't help it. I know I love to travel alone, and I try to spare my family and friends as much worry as I can (Usually by not telling them what I am up to until I come home lol) When you are part of a group, just show some respect for others and let them know you are heading out, or a rough idea of what you are up to for the night. It will give you and them piece of mind.

Don't leave your important documents where you are staying- Sometimes you share a room with 15 people, sometimes you will get your own room. You just never know. I always make copies of everything when I travel. Passport, Credit Card, Flight information and contacts. I stuff a copy of that into the lining of my bags. The rest of the items, if you are heading out, take with you and do not lose them.  If you are a person who tends to misplace things while out, hide them well in your luggage, or ask the project if they have a safe. This goes without saying, but don't mess with other people's stuff either.


Research where you are going, and build a trip around it.- I love adding on to my volunteer trips. Sometimes I will meet a friend afterwards, or catch a new town. If you are going the distance, you might as well make the most out of it. Starting with a project and ending with an adventure as well!

Do help out whenever you can- I have to repeat this many a time. IF you decide to sign up for these experiences, people expect the work to stay ratio. Don't go in thinking it is a free ride. Do the work, show up, and be reliable. There is nothing worse than someone that doesn't chip in. Most of these projects really do need the extra hands, so pitch in.

Do learn some of the language- I love the app Duolingo for this. It always helps to know before you go little things to help you get around, and also be more social able and polite. Check out my interview with the CEO of Duolingo to hear more about this app, and why I love it!

Do explore the area you are set in- You may be "stationed" in a sleepy town that you think has nothing going on. Here is a little secret for you, THOSE ARE THE BEST. With technology at every corner, and distractions a constant, I actually prefer to be camped out in the smallest town I can find. Think of every movie you have seen that stars a small town. Oh hey! Guess what? Put your damn phone down, you are living it!

Ask others their favorite projects- Word of mouth has always served me best. You ever think of that? It always seems the best of everything is word of mouth. an event, a handyman you need, a great restaurant. Trust this, and ask your fellow friends in the project their past experiences. Don't be afraid to ask for a connection as well. :)

Those are just some of my favorites. I will be publishing an episode on some of my favorite companies to go through as well! Need advice? Hit me up on Twitter @icantfindmarta or shoot me an email at if you would like me to do some research for you.

This episode is sponsored by Levity. Pittsburgh's premier sensory deprivation experience. All listeners get $5 off with code "Marta"

10th Century Castle Restoration in France
Tomb Excavation in Sicily 2004
Tomb Excavation in Sicily


Jan 21, 2018

#101 Aaron Watson

I mentioned that 2017 was all about collaborations, and I meant it. It totally was, and that is just the start. those connections branch off and become strong bonds with people that relate to whatever project, work, idea, or tiny creative spark you have going inside your head. 

Aaron Watson is one of those folk that I met in 2017 that had a wonderful attitude for bringing like minded folks in Pittsburgh together to help build each other up. I love that. He is putting on an event on Jan 27th called The Going Deep Summit. A​is a one-day conference geared to help entrepreneurs, innovators, and connectors take their thinking to the next level. 

It sounds like the perfect way to keep collaborations going well into 2018, and to help get your ideas off the ground. Talk to the experts in their field, and motivate yourself, and your 2018!

Aaron also loves travel as much as I do, and I couldn't wait to chat him up about his trip to Asia. So much travel love in this episode. I love it!

Thank you to everyone who came out to Marta Match my live game show in Jan! It was a huge success and we raised over $2,000 for Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Pittsburgh.

Get $15 off your ticket with code "Marta"


Jan 8, 2018

#100 Episode Celebration LIVE Game Show!

Hello 2018! Well, 2017 was rough and can seriously stick it. We are here now in 2018, and I started it right with a live game show of The Match Game called "Marta Match" complete with magic by Lee Terbosic, a musical drag show by Deep Violet, free craft beer, retro gaming, a butt load of laughter, merriment, a good cause like Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Pittsburgh and welcome friends!

The night was better than I could have expected. I had THE best time, and it truly was a dream come true for me to be your game show host for the evening.

We had such wonderful talent on stage. Deep Violet and Lee Terbosic NAILED their performances to the point I couldn't breathe I was laughing so hard. Remember to support Pittsburgh creativity and local events, because there is so much of it out there that is making it happen.

A few hundred thanks... I wanted to give a personal thank you to the staff at City Theatre for rocking my evening. Everything was so on point, professional, and fun. Adam Nelson for being my personal "Manna White", and game master, Thomas Douglas for providing his expert musical skills, and my panelists who MADE my evening so much brighter. I could do this everyday. Hopefully I will get to do it again, very soon.

A MASSIVE thank you goes out to my sponsors- Helicon brewingLevity, Selective Foods, Gaucho Parilla ArgentinaAldo's Food Service, Harris Grill, and The Church Recording Studio. Without your support, this would have never have happened.

Last but not least, I want to thank each and every one of you who donated your time on the coldest day of the year to come out to this event. I know it is hard getting out of that onesie. Hell, I am in one right now. You did though, and you made my wish happen. THANK YOU!

IF you didn't get the chance to come (That does suck cause you probably missed the best party of the year, but we won't hold that against you.) Here is the audio from the evening that I am releasing as my 100th episode. I truly hope everyone's 2018 is magical. Let's make some amazing memories together :)

NOTE- I have many requests for T- Shirts for the event, so I am doing a one time pre order. The design will be up soon. If interested please email

Also if you subscribe to my newsletter you will get pictures from the evening that are not posted here. Special thanks to Rob Larson Photography and Buzzy Torek Photography for capturing moments from the evening.

Also special thanks to these folks who donated items and cash to raise money for Big Brothers Big Sisters!

Jason Bowden, Pittsburgh Love, Enter The Imaginarium, Spork Restaurant, Muv Integrated Physical Culture, Body Work 412, Fredrick Wildman and Sons, Hunt's Treasures, Helicon Brewing, Harris Grill,  Games Unlimited, and Pittsburgh Retro Gaming.

A personal thank you to Akemi Harrison, Carl Hunt, Adam Nelson, Jenna Elizabeth, Natalie Hatcher, Brad Driscoll, Greg Messmer, Brad Peterson, Tony Ferrari, and Leah Blackwood for all their awesome work.

Photo by Rob Larson. Marta Match- Live Game Show 100th Podcast Episode Celebration
Photo by Rob Larson.
Photo by Rob Larson.
Photo by Rob Larson.
Photo by Rob Larson.
Photo by Buzzy Torek
Photo by Buzzy Torek
Photo by Buzzy Torek
Photo by Buzzy Torek
Photo by Buzzy Torek
Photo by Buzzy Torek
Photo by Rob Larson.
Photo by Rob Larson.
Photo by Rob Larson. Marta Match- Live Game Show 100th Podcast Episode Celebration
Photo By Rob Larson. Marta Mazzoni host of Marta Match
Adam Nelson- Game Master Photo by Rob Larson. Marta Match- Live Game Show 100th Podcast Episode Celebration
Adam Nelson- Game Master Photo by Rob Larson. Marta Match- Live Game Show 100th Podcast Episode Celebration
Photo by Buzzy Torek
Photo by Buzzy Torek Day Bracey Panelist
Photo by Rob Larson.
Photo by Rob Larson. The kissing of Rick Sebak
Photo by Rob Larson.
Photo by Rob Larson.
Photo by Rob Larson.
Photo by Rob Larson. Deep Violet takes the stage
Photo by Buzzy Torek
Photo by Buzzy Torek
Photo by Buzzy Torek
Photo by Buzzy Torek
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Photo by Rob Larson.
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Photo by Buzzy Torek
Photo by Buzzy Torek
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Photo by Rob Larson.
Photo by Rob Larson.