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Dec 19, 2016

#75 A Very Westworld Christmas

Alright y'all.  I wanted to end this year with something super fun.  What is more fun sitting around with some of your good friends and chatting about fan theories for the hit show WESTWORLD!!!!!   If you are not a fan, We can't be friends , or haven't finished the first season, what are you thinking?!,  then you should really turn away right................ NOW.  There are not many shows out there where I truly geek out.  Alright, alright quiet down!!! Who knew Stranger Things was going to blow all of our socks off, AND that I would get to interview one of the stars of the show (shameless plug).  That is besides the point, the point is, there is hardly a show out there anymore where I lose my mind over it.  I crave it, I obsess, and talk countless theories over it with friends when I should be working! Hi Aldo's Foods!  I could not let this moment pass me by to invite some friends over and chat about all of the fan theories that are swirling out there about this show!

To those who don't know once again wtf, Westworld is aired on HBO and stars, Anthony HopkinsJeffery Wright, James Marsden, Thandie NewtonEvan Rachel Wood, (best cry face ever), and Ed Harris (among many others).  We do not know what year it is, but you find out shortly that there is a western world made up of robots, hosts as they call them, that are part of some "experience" for the guests.  The guests are high paying human clients that get to live out their fantasies, risk free in this sort of game.  Like walking into your very own soap opera.  The hosts are programmed to have a script, until one day, things start to go off the rails.   THAT is all I am telling you.

If you are a fan of the show you will have some fun sitting with us as we ramble through our thoughts.  We recorded this before the finale, and then after the finale, so you get to see if any of the theories we had came true.  What an ending, folks!  AND what an ending to 2016!  May all your holidays be joyful and bright!  See you in the new year!

Love you all,


PS:  Two things-

  1.  I am on a mission to get someone Westworld on my show. So if you know anyone, pull some strings.
  2. I actually bid pathetically on an original Anthony Hopkins artwork.  It did not happen, and I think the broker was laughing at me via email.  Sad day.
Dec 18, 2016

We are almost rounding out this year!!! AHH! I can't believe it.  It went so fast, but I am super happy that I get to feature Nick Miller and Ashely Cort before the end of the year!  If you follow me, you know I love video games, among many, many other things.  I am super jealous right now, because Nick and Ashley (whom I know from up at Epicast TV, and Black Forge Coffee), have managed to put themselves INTO a game.  I am not joking folks, it's true.  They made themselves into 16 bit characters for Sega Genesis!  I can't even deal with this news.  I just knew I had to get them on the show to find out how they did it!

Nick and Ashley are the owners of Black Forge Coffee Shop in the up, and coming Allentown neighborhood.  It is a minute away from our lovely Epicast Network (PODSQUAD!), which is housed in Work Hard Pittsburgh.  I chat with these two to find out what it takes to make an old school video game, What the game is all about (two words- Coffee and Crisis!),why they got in the coffee business, and many more questions about kicking it old school.  They even give away a password for Coffee Crisis during the episode! Check them out at Black Forge Coffee Shop Twitter Black Forge  Shout out to Col, and Sikes from Greywalker who perform the music in the game.

You guys gotta see this thing, the booklet looks so sweet.  Get yourself a copy for your favorite person, or for yourself for the holidays.  Now I wanna be in a video game!  Damn!  Were you a Nintendo or Sony kid?  Tell us your favorite games in the comments!

Stay tuned for A Very Westworld Christmas Special Edition Episode to round out the year! Happy Holidays everyone!

Closing music by Aaron Leeder!



Dec 4, 2016

The first time I met Sean Collier, I didn't know what to expect. I knew his dad was a popular name in Pittsburgh, and so is Sean's.  He was very quiet at a gathering we were all invited to, and I was honestly not sure if we would get along.  To be honest, I was nervous to talk to him.  He is probably laughing at me right now reading this. Well, it shows how much I know, we totally hit it off, and are now good buds.  He is one of the better eggs in our city, and I love what he does.  I have been on his podcast called You Can't Handle The Truth, where he, and Aaron Kleiber,(another awesome dude) review movies after an advance screening of them.  Not sure you know this about me, but I am obsessed with movies.  I used to keep lists when I was little of any category you can think of.

  • Hottest actors
  • Best on screen performance
  • Best Love scene (I was a sick child)
  • Best actress
  • Best gruesome death (Once again.....)

The list went on... I still have these notebooks someplace stored in my mom's house like a time capsule.  As I got older, I graduated to writing my own reviews, for no apparent reason then to get my thoughts out. I never submitted them, hell, I never even showed them to anyone else.   I just liked doing it. I am sure if I reread them now, they would be both humorous and lame. With that being said, I wanted to pick Sean's brain about how the nomination process works for movie awards, what (in his mind) makes a great movie, how he writes reviews all the time without burning out, and how in the heck did he land one of the coolest jobs ever!  Seeing movies before they hit theaters?   AMAZING!

Grab your popcorn, candy, *ahem* bottle of wine, and tune into this fun conversation we had after we viewed Allied with Brad Pitt.  I promise you will like it, even if you don't, we won't judge you.  HEH, see what I did there?

Tune into Marta On The Move on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!  Tell me what YOU want to hear, and I will tell you if I am curious about it. lol.  Thank you everyone for letting me do what I do.


Nov 20, 2016

Hello everyone!   This post is long overdue!  This summer I went on a solo trip to learn to sail in the Greek Islands.  I had quite the adventure, and an interesting connection that was made during travel plans.  In short, captain of the boat I was going to sail with had an emergency, and had to leave.  This left me with no place to go 2 weeks before my trip!  I was still holding out hope in trying to sail, so I reached out to a group online Girls Love Travel, and simply posted this-   “Help! My Captain of the boat left, and I am now struggling to find a new boat to stay on.  Anyone know anyone in Greece with a boat? Thanks!”  A gal came forward in the comments section by the name of Jessie Stele.  Let’s go back even farther now…  *time warp*

Marta On The Move grew up attending a very small school called Our Lady Of Fatima, a Catholic grade school that she attending for 8 years.  To give you an idea how small it was, there were 5 gals in our 8th grade graduating class.  Heading to public school the following year was quite a wake up call, anyways….  Jessie Stelewas one of 5 girls in my graduating class whom I have not seen, nor talked to in 25 years.  She just happened to be sailing with her fiancee in the Greek Islands.  Jessie saw my post, and commented “Hey Marta, It’s Jessie!  I am in the Greek Islands on a boat!  You are welcome to come stay with us anytime!”  The chances of this… I don’t even know what the odds are, but I imagine them to be pretty slim.  There are over 125K women in that group, and the fact that-

A. She had wifi

B. She had been online at all (remember she is on a boat)

C. That she happened to see my post! They get pushed down very quickly.

So I bet you are asking…. WELL WHAT HAPPENED?!  Well, I’ll tell you what happened is that my original captain found me an ex Navy Captain from Australia, Captain Chris, who was sailing near Samos, so I flew to meet him and we crewed his boat “The Skylark” together down the Grecian Islands.  It was one of the best times I have had in my life.  After I returned from my trip, Jessie came back to Pittsburgh, and we reconnected finally after 25 years.  I thought it was incredible how we found each other after all this time, and what better way to celebrate it, than having her on the show to give our thoughts on Greece, and why sailing is the only way to see this wonderful place.

I always say that traveling let’s you connect with people all over the world of different cultures, and teaches you many things that stretch your mind.  In this case, it brought us around full circle to where it all began as kids.  I hope you enjoy our flashbacks to school, our stories of how we came to be, and our adventures in Greece!   As always,  “Keep it moving”  Be sure to stay after our conversation to hear some very windy conversation that I recorded when Captain Chris and I were on the open water sailing in Greece.  He will tell you how magical it is to be on a boat.

Follow along on Marta’s adventures on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter!  Stories of Croatia will be up soon, I promise.

Marta On The Move is sponsored by Levity Pgh!  All Listeners get $5 off their floats with code “Marta”

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Now to enjoy our 4th grade class photo.  Can you pick us out of this bunch of crazies?

Nov 6, 2016

Magician Lee Terbosic On Marta On The Move

Dance, magic dance!  Rounding out my all thing mystical, spooky AND magical IS a magician.  Lee Terbosic joins Marta On The Move for a most engaging interview.  We are all in love with magic since birth.  Isn't everything you experience early in life magical?  As we age, we start to lose that sense of everyday magic. Luckily, for that, there are magicians out there that still offer that sense of wonder, that unexplainable moment, or trick that you can't explain.  There is a reason Harry Potter is one of the most popular stories of all time.  We all love it!!!!

I have been waiting to get a magician on my show for quite a bit, and I saw the perfect opportunity when I found out that a famous, local Pittsburgh magician was going to try and recreate the incredible escape stunt that Harry Houdini performed in 1916 in downtown Pittsburgh!  Lee Terbosic has been planning about plotting for years to pull this off. 100 years since Houdini performed it, in the same spot, at the same time, on the same date.  Nothing lines up that perfectly in life, nothing.  It was meant to be for Lee.  Lee has been traveling the globe as an entertainer and magician.  Selling out shows left, and right, he was featuring on America's Got Talent,

Lee's stunt was incredible, and I am so fortunate to have met him, and gotten to go deep behind what motivates him to do what he does.  I have not met a more passionate, driven, nice person, WHO also happens to be incredible at magic.  He blew my mind with tricks right in front of me, and rekindled my childhood awe and wonder.  It is always there, but sometimes you need something so light, that reminds you not to take this game of life so seriously.

Please join in this amazingly, awesome and introspective chat, I think I cried at some point...  Did I just admit that?

Congrats, Lee, and well done!! I am so happy to have met you! Check him out on all media @leeterbosic and his incredible show called Bamboozled!

Hey you, yes you!

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Oct 23, 2016


Welcome to the second annual pajama party podcast where we reveal scary, mysterious, and mystical true stories of Pittsburgh!  Gotta love Halloween, and this is a great way for you to celebrate the season.   Remember the old radios shows?  The Shadow?  Well, my great friend John from The Odd, Fascinating, and Mysterious History of Pittsburgh, and I LOVE to try and recreate those times when folks listened to the radio, in the dark, scared out of their minds, and letting their imaginations run wild!  That... is truly the scariest part about it.

Join us for what will be the second year we have done this, and every year it gets better and better.  Eventually we will be taking submissions of short stories, poems, or skits to be read on the show.  We will do our very best to make them sound amazing.  In the meantime, enjoy hearing more spooky stories of Pittsburgh.  AND if, god forbid, you missed last year's episode, here it is!  Also be sure to check out all the other podcasts that lead up to Halloween! I have chatted with Zombie Special Effects Master- Tom Savini, Chilled out with owners of House Of The Dead, and delved the obscurities of  Trundle Manor, tried to escape Enter The Imaginarium, and recently went behind the scenes of The Scarehouse and the basement!  So check them out if the mood takes you.

We talk a lot about ghosts in this episode, have you ever had an encounter you can't explain?  Please post in the comments below!

This episode is sponsored by Full Pint Brewery! Locally brewed, and downright delicious.  Check out their line of beers in your local store, or take a walk on the wild side and stop down to The Pub!

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A big thank you to Phil Mazzoni for snapping pics, and for the guests for contributing to the sound effects! Especially Stephanie Strasburg's creepy baby cry...  haha!



Oct 9, 2016

The Scarehouse-A Conversation With Creator Scott Simmons

When something gets national press year, after year, it calls your attention.  When something gets national press, AND it is in your own backyard, it should make you want to investigate it, and find out what makes it so unique.  This is one of the many, many reasons, I wanted to bring Scott Simmons onto my show.  Scott created Scarehouse over 20 years ago, and it continues to be one of the most entertaining, creative, breakthrough haunted houses in the country.  It has been featured by CBS News, ABC NewsForbes Magazine, and the best (in my opinion) Geek and Sundry!

I had a feeling in the back of my mind that Scott and I would get along, and have an awesome conversation.  I had been following his hilarious posts on Twitter and Facebook, little did I know I would forget that I was recording an episode, and truly just felt like we were hanging out chatting about our favorite things.  Podcast goals and podcast gold, people!

I also wanted to talk with him about the infamous Basement at Scarehouse, and see exactly what it was all about. It has a lot of hype surrounding it, and a lot of questions that I felt needed answered.  Scott was all to willing to share details!  I cannot wait for this year's Scarehouse, it is sure to be just as incredible as the last!  Be sure to go check it out, it only runs until October 30th!

We are giving away TWO free RIP tickets to Scarehouse! (an $80 value)   Jump to the front of the line!  How to Enter-

Facebook- Like, and tag 2 friends in the comments section 

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Twitter- Retweet and Follow the Scarehouse post of Marta On The Move!

You can be entered up to 3 times!  Winner drawn the following week!

ALSO, if you missed the episode with Scott and Jeffery Carpenter chatting about their creation of Enter The Imaginarium be sure to tune in!

Keep a look out for the 2nd annual True Spooky Stories of Pgh episode with my good friend John Schalcosky! Always a great time. If you missed our 1st annual one, check it out here! Or tune into the episode with House Of The Dead with Geoff Camphire, Tom Savini, or psychic Leslie Gray!

This episode is sponsored by Pittsburgh Winery! Always a great date night in the city, one of the most unique venues for music, and great wines.  Check it out!


Sep 25, 2016

Enter The Imaginarium

Welcome to the lead up to Halloween on Marta On The Move! I love this time of year, and truly enjoy featuring all things mystery, spooky and festive!  Therefore, I bring to you Enter The Imaginarium, an escape room that recently opened in Harmarville created by a collaboration between The Scarehouse and Bricolage.  How can someone not be excited for this? I ask you!

I am a huge fan of escape rooms and immersive theater, so I could not wait to sit down with Jeffery Carpenter and Scott Simmons to chat behind the scenes of this venture. We talk about everything that goes into creating an escape room, why they decided to make one, what is in store for the next one (Yes, there will be more!), and also talk some clues for this particular room, and the mysteries surrounding D. Sykes, and the minotaur legends.  MUAHA.

Enter The Imaginarium is giving away a free ticket for this episode!  Simply tag two friends in the comments to be entered in the drawing!

On another note, I did not make it out of this room, I am super sad about it, but am still thinking about how gorgeous the sets and rooms were for Imaginarium. I wanted to hang out in there all day and investigate the sets.  The amount of dedication and work that went into this... sheesh.

Stay tuned for an in depth look with Scott Simmons from The Scarehouse coming up after this episode!  A very cool conversation about all things scary ;)  Also, keep a look out for the 2nd annual True Spooky Stories of Pgh episode with my good friend John Schalcosky! Always a great time.  If you missed our 1st annual one, check it out here!  Or tune into the episode with House Of The Dead with Geoff Camphire, Tom Savini, or psychic Leslie Gray!








This episode is sponsored by Pittsburgh Winery !  One of the best date nights in the city.  Go grab a glass of vino, and listen to a great band.  Their space is truly unique! Check out the episode I had with owner Tim Gaber

Sep 11, 2016

Mysteries of Pittsburgh By Boat!

Hey guys!  Join me and my good friend John Schalcosky again as we uncover mysteries of Pittsburgh, BUT this time by water!!  I love being on a boat, and this is the first time I have been on one (that is not the clipper).  Join us as we travel to different sites, and uncover cool history that you may not have ever known.
John is a regular on my show, and you will love the stories he weaves for your ears. We love recording these because they make us feel like we are back on an old radio show.  If you missed our other episodes called Crazy Summer Stories of Pittsburgh, or True Spooky Stories of Pittsburgh, check them out!  We will be releasing another one this coming October as the 2nd annual True Spooky Stories of Pittsburgh!  I gather some folks, we throw on some pj's and have a lovely evening filled with wine, snacks, and hauntingly creepy stories.  Pretty much the highlight of my year and we have Scott Simmons from The Pittsburgh Scarehouse on the show as well talking about his collaboration with Bricolage on Enter The Imaginarium
If you missed the episode I had with David K Harbour who plays Chief Hopper from "Stranger Things", check it out!  He was so awesome, and revealed some really cool information about whether there will be another season!

IMG_20160716_190132IMG_20160716_191436IMG_20160716_190057The Odd Fascinating and Mysterious History Of Pittsburgh on Marta On The Move Podcast talks history and mysteries of Pittsburgh by river!IMG_20160716_221433


Aug 28, 2016

Hey friends!

I am overseas currently learning to sail alone on a small boat in Greece with an Australian Ex Navy Captain. ( My husband is awesome, and don't worry, I am meeting him in Croatia soon enough!)

I wanted to release this special podcast from Phil and I's explorations in Portugal.  You gonna love this one.  We chat Short Day Trips From Lisbon and explore castles, beaches, hidden areas, and where you should hit up with a limited time frame while you are there.

Enjoy and I will chat with you all when I return to the States! But for now........ ;) M

Aug 14, 2016

Drinking Partners on Marta On The Move!

Two of my favorite comedians include Ed Bailey and Day Bracey.  They invited me a while back to sit with them on their show called Drinking Partners Podcast, where they speak with different brewmasters, distilleries, and places all around the Pittsburgh and surrounding areas.   They are constantly supporting local comedy by inviting up and coming artists to their live shows, which include drinks, music, and stand up.   
The moment I met these two, they had me in stitches and I knew we would be fast friends.  We are all part of the podsquad up at Epicast TV, and love to support one another, but aside from that, I just love chatting with them.  What you see is what you get, and you get a whole lot of great conversations and laughs.  On this episode, we talk everything from Pokemon Go, Pittsburgh Comedy Festival, raising kids, "Stranger Things", and Ed's fear of homegrown produce.  Tune in and be sure to check them out online for their next upcoming show!
Pittsburgh Comedy Fest is happening August 25th to the 28th!  Don't miss your chance to check out some rising stars of the comedy scene, and even take a workshop or two to stretch your skills.
If you missed my last special release episode with David K Harbour from "Stranger Things", be sure to check it out HERE!  What a delight.
This episode is sponsored by Levity!  All Listeners get $5 off their floats with code "Marta"
Aug 7, 2016

Actor David K Harbour On Marta On The Move Podcast

Listen, sometimes there are snowflakes so special, that you have to grab them before they melt.  That is what this episode is, a  beautiful snowflake that I didn't want to melt.  A special release for my listeners who are just as obsessed as I am about the show "Stranger Things".  I was lucky enough to score an interview with actor David K Harbour, who plays Chief Jim Hopper on the show.  I cannot type how truly excited I am about this.  Maybe it is coming through on your screen, maybe not.  Regardless I am over here doing my happy dance.
If you follow me on Facebook, or just about any social media sites, you have heard me rant and rave about "Stranger Things".  How it is taking people back to their childhoods who grew up in the 80's. How it is the perfect blend of Stephen King, and The Goonies.  How it is making us wish it will never end.
I am not alone in thinking that this show was made for me. It makes me feel special, as though the actors, writers, and directors knew just what I needed to feel like a child again.  It gives me the tingles! What can I say?  The moment the music hits, and that perfectly fuzzy, iconic, font emerges on the screen. I was hooked, as were thousands of others.
Join me as I chat with David about being on screen with the ridiculously talented kids, and the magical Winona Ryder.  Why we are all in love with Chief Hopper, what being on set is like, what is the deal with sensory deprivation, what character David got on the Buzzfeed quiz, and what is in store next for "Stranger Things." (SPOILER ALERT! We talk about the ending! and speculate theories!)  From moment one of our conversation it felt like I was chatting with an old friend, a super genuinely nice guy, who has a lot to say about his experience on the show.  Delightful!!!
Thank you again, David for joining me on the show!  Remember, next time you hit Pittsburgh, your first float is on me.  Monsters not guaranteed ;)
This episode is sponsored (how perfect) by Levity!  Levity is a sensory deprivation experience located in Pittsburgh, PA.  Listeners to Marta On The Move get $5 off their first floats with code "Marta".
Interested in sponsoring Marta On The Move?  Email inquiries to
Shout out to my friend Sean Collier who invited me to go see Suicide Squad, another production David stars in, right after this interview.  How cool is that timing?!

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 10.35.42 AM

Jul 31, 2016

Oh we all have that little curiosity for the strange and unusual in us.   Some, I would say, more than others. I like to think I have a pretty healthy amount of it.  Going in search of the road or path less taken, searching out broken toys, trying to find the things in life that break the traditional norm.  That... is why I am obsessed with Atlas Obscura.

I came across their show one day when it popped up on my Facebook feed.  It was a video, and I was driving at that time (I know, I know, eyes on the road!), but I clicked it to listen, and was instantly hooked.  I didn't even know it was a video, here I was tuning in thinking it was your standard podcast.  I probably heard about 5 episodes on the transit home.  When I got home and looked at my phone, I realized they were all videos, and then instantly had to go back through to listen and watch them all.  Their videos are hilarious.  The gentleman (Dylan Thuras) takes you on a journey to a spectacular place.  His face pops up on screen, and in that moment you realize his passion for what he is about to tell you.  Surrounded by a decent collection of board games (I knew we would get along), Dylan can show you a world you never saw before, sometimes in your own backyard.

We hit it off right away, being kindred folk in search of magical things.  Tune in as I find about the origin of Atlas Obscura, how the two co founders met, what Neil Gaiman said about them (what!), where they are off to next, and also our rants about how we love immersive theater.  Truly an awesome conversation.

ALSO, subscribe to my newsletter to hear the extra audio from Dylan about another fun location, and a tip for user of the Atlas Obscura website!  You guys get it first!

The videos themselves are hilarious, you must watch them.  I intend to find out who has the unique sense of humor over at Atlas Obscura that has me laughing out loud.  I am sure you want to know as well.  Join me as I chat with Dylan about the history of Atlas Obscura, how it became created, and where they are off to next!  Check out their new podcast they started!  So excited I can take them with me wherever I go!  I plan on visiting them in NYC!


Have you been to any of the 100 wonders spots?  Tell us about it in the comments!

Thank you to Dana at Church Recording Studio for helping me out! IMG_3319



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Jul 17, 2016

My hubby and I love to eat and drink, especially abroad.  All the different flavors and settings make for a memorable occasion at any time. We enjoy the worst places, almost as much as the best because of the discussions that happen afterwards. With this episode, we bring to you our favorite (and least favorite) picks of where to eat and drink while in Portugal, with focus on Lisbon.

Come with us as we tell you a little history about Portugal, and take you through our recommended must visits!  We tackle the speakeasies, wine bars,  tasting courses, and local cuisine of the area.  Tag along and partake in our chat session.

Do you have a favorite place to visit in Lisbon?  Tell us about it!  Post in the comments below! I love hearing from my audience, and connecting via the interwebs.

Find Marta On The Move on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and on The Epicast Network

Mentioned in the podcast-

Wine Bar Do Castello

BA Wine Bar

Red Frog Speakeasy



Jul 3, 2016

Have you ever visited Carrie Furnaces?  I am sure you have seen them all along the rivers, (possibly as you make your way to grab a brew from The Brew Gentleman), but have you ever stopped and toured them?  Well, if you haven't, you should.  They are incredible.  I wanted to showcase them on the show, so I scheduled to meet with Rob Baraff, and his partner Rick Rowlands from Rivers of Steel.  Ron is a downright expert historian when it comes to Carrie Furnaces.

Join me, and my lovely and talented friend Stephanie Strasburg as we journey into nooks and crannies of the Furnace to hear all about the incredible history that is just a tiny bit of what makes Pittsburgh so interesting. Love the artwork inside by Ryan Keene! Please excuse my freak out over their goats, and also enjoy the creepy piano music at the end of this episode, we couldn't resist playing the ancient instrument! Photo below.

They are doing some really fun things there including hosting the upcoming Extreme Pogo World Championships! You heard me right!  CMU alumni Nick Ryan is the Extreme Pogo company owner, and he is partnering with Rivers of Steel, and on July 7-9 you can enjoy the heck out of of some extreme pogo.   Honestly, I didn't know this was a thing, and cannot wait to see it!!!  There will be food trucks, live bands, and Furnace tours, which makes for a great summer weekend.  Check it out!

Thank you to the wonderfully talented Stephanie Strasburg for these photos.  They are gorgeous!  Subscribe to the Marta On The Move Newsletter to see more shots from this episode!

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Jun 19, 2016

My friend Dana Cannone has the coolest spot in town to cut an album.  He bought a church and rebuilt it to make it his one stop shop destination for artists and producers!  I thought it was about time for Dana to be highlighted since he is always behind the scenes helping to put out some of the best music in the business.  Be sure to check out his website at The Church Recording Studio.

We talk about what it takes to produce an album, cut an album, and the whole process behind it.  He also helps kids with WYEP find their dream, and give them a chance to live it out with Reimagine Media.  A program focused on creativity and empowering teenagers to mould their own artistic expressions.  It was the first I had heard of it, and it sounds amazing!

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Jun 5, 2016

Possibly one of the most interesting journalist's I have met, Kim lyons sits with me to chat about all things you would never think we would chat about.  Writing and journalism are for sure some of those things, and I also wanted to know what a typical day for her would entail.  In my mind, I watch a movie about journalists, and it is either glitz, glam, or extremely seedy.  I wanted to see what her experience was, what she thought of her work, and what is up next for her.  We chat about her interview with Barak Obama, (Yes, you read that right), working in Boston, vacationing in Cuba (our end goal), Pittsburgh six degrees of separation, non sports related subjects, stake outs, real estate in Pgh, and wishful super powers that we wished we had which always makes me happy.

If you missed Kim's article about female podcasters in NEXTPittsburgh check it out here featuring yours truly!  Also stay tuned for her upcoming podcast collaboration with our gal, Natalie Bencivenga called The Broadcast!!  Support local Pgh peeps, because we rule!

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May 22, 2016

Hey everybody!

Big thanks to everyone who came out to see my live interview with Benjamin Scheuer, and artistic director, Tracy Brigden after the sneak peek performance of The Lion at City Theatre!  It was a wonderful evening.  I truly was not prepared to watch the show and hear Ben's story pour out of him and into each person in the audience.  My heart hurt so badly after the last song ended, and I was so worked up to go on stage and conduct the interview!  If you have not seen this show, you must.  The music is incredible, and the story makes you want to go out and live each moment of your life to the fullest.  To grab the people you love and make sure they know it, and to appreciate everything you have.

You can preorder Songs From The Lion on his site before it drops June 3rd, and by doing so you get two songs instantly!  Also check out the photo book of his journey with cancer called Between Two Spaces. 50% of the proceeds go to the Leukemia Lymphoma Society.  Check out his music video for one of my favorite songs Weather The Storm

Ben was truly a joy to chat with, and I had THE best time doing so, as I am sure you will gather from the recording. I could have sat there all day and talked to him.  So much so, that I am positive you will hear him on the show again one day. ;)

A huge Thank you to City Theatre's crew for inviting me out to be a part of this magical evening.

City Theatre is giving away a free pair of tickets to the show Hand Of God in their upcoming season!  Choose any of these to enter, the more you do the more times your name is entered.

Winner will be drawn and announced on Sunday May 29th!  Good Luck!

This episode is brought to you by City Theatre, now in its 41st season. Located on Pittsburgh’s historic South Side, City Theatre specializes in new plays, commissioning and producing work by playwrights including Daniel Beaty, Jessica Dickey, Christopher Durang, Michael Hollinger, Willy Holtzman, Tarell Alvin McCraney, and Madeleine George. Under the leadership of Artistic Director Tracy Brigden, Managing Director James McNeel, and a 37-member Board of Directors, City Theatre’s mission is to provide an artistic home for the development and production of contemporary plays of substance and ideas that engage and challenge a diverse audience.

May 8, 2016

Pajama Party Pod/Line is back!  Join me and my great friendJohn Schalcosky from The Odd,Fascinating and Mysterious History of Pittsburgh as we gettogether and do what we do best, converse and uncover funmysteries.   John and I's favorite thing is a great story,hidden secret, or hunt, and we love to bring our love of it to allof you!  Reminder to subscribe to my newsletter below! Only subscribers this week will get an extra nugget of goldthat John found.

For this podcast, we wanted to highlight Crazy Summer Stories ofPittsburgh.  All of us are waiting for the warm weather tocome, so this will help get you through.  John drops someinsane mysteries on me, and once again I am flabbergasted the wholeshow. I find out these stories when you do, as we both listen in! Look for more of our episodes, and write in to let us knowwhat you want to hear!  We will dig it up! (No punintended)

This episode is brought to you by City Theatre! Make sure youget your tickets to my live event there on May 12th!  I willbe onstage right after the production of The Lion. Listeners to MOTM get tickets for just $20with promo code "MARTAROARS"  Come say hi to me!

City Theatre is now in its 41st season. Located on Pittsburgh’shistoric South Side, City Theatre specializes in new plays,commissioning and producing work by playwrights including DanielBeaty, Jessica Dickey, Christopher Durang, Michael Hollinger, WillyHoltzman, Tarell Alvin McCraney, and Madeleine George. Under theleadership of Artistic Director Tracy Brigden, Managing DirectorJames McNeel, and a 37-member Board of Directors, City Theatre’smission is to provide an artistic home for the development andproduction of contemporary plays of substance and ideas that engageand challenge a diverse audience.


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If you missed my fun promo video that we recorded during thisshow, check it out here.

Photos and video by Jacob Finch

Apr 24, 2016

A love of mysteries starts when you are kid.  Depending on what you watched or read growing up, you could be terribly upset when you become an adult and realize life isn't a Nancy Drew book.  At least, these are my thoughts.  If you are like me you are constantly looking for that hidden mystery, that game, that hunt, or that treasure.  My good friend Sean Collier suggested a perfect guest for my show knowing what she did was right up my alley!

Ayne Terceira creates experiences in Pittsburgh.  As the Creative Director of Uncumber Theatrics , her goal is to push the boundaries of the theatrical experience.  She has done work for our friends over at Bricolage, and The Scarehouse to create a truly one of a kind events.  Her new immersive show, Serpentine, comes out on May 19th.  Join me as I chat with her about the creative process behind putting together interactive theater, what Serpentine is about (as much as we can tell you), and how you can scratch that childhood mystery itch by participating!  FOR SUBSCRIBERS ONLY!- Sign up for my newsletter to receive extra audio that includes a tip to use while on your Serpentine journey.  Only subscribers will get to hear it!

We will be hosting a drawing for a free pair of tickets to Serpentine. Details below!

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If you missed my last episode with actor Alec Baldwin, check it out HERE

Apr 17, 2016

Hey all! Welcome to this very special quick pop up interview I got to have with the one and only Alec Baldwin. I am a huge fan of his work, so I can pretty much scratch this off of my bucket list #882. Alec was in Pittsburgh for his show Alec's Playlist at the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. It was a great event, with perfectly performed pieces.  My favorite was the music from The Shining, that was so hauntingly put together.  The Hilaria & Alec Baldwin Foundation donated 300 tickets to families and their children, giving them a chance to hear this beautiful symphony.  Growing up in a musical family that exposed me to the classics was very important in my life, and shaped who I am today.  I love what his foundation is doing to help get this music into the lives of the youth.  Kudos.  Thank you Mr. Baldwin for your time, and if you are reading this, come back on the show!

Sorry about the audio background noise, it was a little loud in the room because everyone was so excited.

Special thanks to my hubby Phil Mazzoni for snapping these photos.  If you subscribe to my newsletter you will get to see the rest of the shots.

Marta On The Move is sponsored by Levity Pgh.  All listeners get $5 off their floats with code "Marta".

Come see MOTM LIVE at City Theatre on May 12th!  I will be onstage after the opening performance of The Lion.  I will be off stage afterwards hanging out as well, so come say hello!  Would love to meet some of my fans.  Friends of MOTM get tickets for just $20 to both the show and the live podcast after the show with promo code "MARTAROARS"  Grab your tickets at

Also stoked to annouce I got my first publish in the Huffington Post!  Woot! Check it out!

Enjoy everyone! I have Ayne Terciera, John Schalcosky, Dana Cannone, Kim Lyons, and Phil and I's Portuguese odyssey coming up!  Cheers!






Apr 10, 2016

Hey gang! Just returned from my trip from Portugal, and it was incredible. Working on helping rebuild houses for people in need, and diving to clean up the reef is up there as one of my most rewarding trips.

It is always scary to take that step to get out there, and have some alone time.  I wanted to make it a bit easier on everyone!  Here are some of my tips on how to travel alone, and have a great time just with yourself, or join a group of strangers and make a new friend.  I have included some websites and apps that I use while I travel. I also mentioned a great reference guide to volunteering.  This trip was inspirational for me, and I love at the end of it you will get to hear some locals chat about what they know about Pittsburgh, and what they love about Portugal!  Shout out to Impact Trip for organizing the program and O Seculo (One of the best hostels I have stayed in!)  I met a ton of wonderful people, and got to experience the real Portugal.  Thank you Wingman and Filipe for letting me come in and give a presentation at your office about my podcasting and travel experiences.  Sorry I got ill, but it was so nice meeting all of you!  Look for the interviews I did with some of you guys after this episode.

The two other episodes will be with my hubby Phil, I went alone in the beginning of the trip, and then he met me a week later at the airport and we continued our journey. (Terribly romantic. I was holding a sign with his name on it) We use part of this podcast as a sort of journal entry for our travel lives, and hopefully share some cool tips on where to stay, eat, drink, and hang out.  Stay tuned for Where to Eat and Drink in Lisbon, and also Short Day Trips from Lisbon.  Enjoy some of my pics from the trip below including some of my awesome spackle work on the house.  #masterspackler!

Websites and people mentioned-


With The Locals

Eat With

Meetup /Speedfriending Lisbon

Shout outs-

Diogo and Rita, Maria, Luisa, Ricardo, Filipe, Pedro, Laura, Rodrigo, Gijs, Dereck, and Egidio!

Mar 27, 2016

Cathy Bruno, author of The Pathway of the Chosen series joins Marta On The Move!

I am extremely into fantasy and fiction writers. I love how their minds work, and reading what spills over onto the pages.  My all time favorite author is Stephen King and favorite book series is The Dark Tower. Ever since reading it, I have been searching for new authors to fill the hole that any book leaves when you are that obsessed. (Yes I used the word obsessed), about it.  I love to interview creators from my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA, and delves into their process.

I met Cathy through my friend Day Bracey from Drinking Partners Podcast, and he told me about her first book in the series The Girl from the North.  I instantly downloaded it to give it a try, and found myself immersed into the rich landscape she painted within her world.  Cathy started off writing poetry and that thoughtfulness shows through in the story she weaves.  I am already finished with the second book in the series, and I, like many others, am awaiting the third.  Patiently................ :)

Join me as we chat about what the process is to make a book, what her habits are, how to self publish, and explore the characters she has written about in The Pathway of the Chosen series.

Need to open your creative mind a bit? Stuck on the same page? Go for a float!  Marta On The Move is sponsored by levity Pgh!  Try sensory deprivation.  All listeners get $5 off their floats with code "Marta"  I love to float to relieve stress, quiet the mind, and release the creative flow.  It really works, give it a try.

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Mar 24, 2016

Was just on with Kelly at Star 100.7.  Love that gal!  Tune in to this snippet highlighting my upcoming event this May!

Mar 13, 2016

So I recently just got back from my solo volunteer project in Portugal to help build houses for the homeless, and I hunkered down in my second experience staying in a Hostel.  Hostels are a hot topic in the travel world, and thanks to many horror movies that have been released featuring them, they have not gotten a good rap in some people's minds.  I am here to change people's perceptions of that.  I had an incredible time at the hostel I stayed at, and met so many interesting people while residing there.  I thought, what better way to highlight the good things about hostels, than to investigate Pittsburgh's very own!

Introducing Jon Potter who created Not Another Hostel, Pittsburgh's first hostel!  I could not wait to sit down with this extremely motivated and fascinating dude.  Very much like myself, Jon wanted to bring different ideas and cultural traditions back to his hometown, and he is using his travels to influence locals.   Along with my great friend, John Schalcosky from The Odd, Mysterious, and Fascinating History of Pittsburgh, we chat with Jon about why he started his hostel, what influenced him, and what people should come to expect when thinking about choosing one on their trips.  Here is hoping to opening up a whole new world to travelers!  Keep it moving everybody!

Marta On The Move is sponsored by Levity Pgh.  All listeners get $5 off their floats with code "Marta"

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