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Dec 17, 2017

#99 Big Brothers and Sister of Pittsburgh Holiday Special

Don't you wish when you were in high school you could talk to someone older, who wasn't your parents, or your teachers. Someone who was just there to give advice, without judgement. Maybe an outside perspective into a job you were eyeing up, but weren't sure was the right fit for you.

That is only a small part of what Big Brothers Big Sisters of America does for kids.  My best friend Jhon Yonan has been telling me about his little for over 7 years. I have seen him grow with him, and change for the better himself along side his little. It was something I have wanted to do for quite some time, but life gets in the way.

My husband and I are FINALLY in the process of becoming "Bigs", and we cannot wait. I think it is so important, not just to the kids to have someone who helps them as the grow up, but for the "Bigs".

As with most things, I didn't know the in's and out's of becoming a "Big". So for this holiday season, I thought, what better way to close out 2017, than to have a representative of BBBS on the show.

I invited Counsilman Tom Baker who is the Chief Community Officer of BBBS to come on the show and talk about it's history as one of the oldest non profits around. BBBS started in New York City back in 1904, and has quite an interesting history that we talk about, but my interest also extends to experience.

I wanted to know, so I assume others would as well. What the entire process is for becoming a "Big", what you can expect, ideas of where to take your little, and so on. Tom answers all of your questions if you are thinking about joining one of their three ways to become involved.

It didn't stop there for me though, for the second half of the podcast I bring in Jhon Yonan, and his little Marvin Jamar Lee Gurley- Boyd to talk about their experience with one another. It is super endearing to hear the two of them reminisce about when they met, the things they have done, and what they have learning from one another through the years.

Tune in and happy holidays everyone


Come out and support BBBS at "Marta Match- A throwback of The Match Game" at City Theatre on January 5th! YOU could be chosen as a contestant to win big prizes.

Join me as I invite personalities of Pittsburgh on stage with me that include- Rick Sebak, Kellee Maize, Day Bracey, and many more.

Magic by Lee Terbosic.

Drag Show by Deep Violet.

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Part of the proceeds benefit Big Brothers and Sisters of Pittsburgh

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Nov 26, 2017

#98 Kahmeela Adams

Ever have a friend who is relentless about you meeting a person they know.  You hear, "Oh! You don't know her/him? You have to! You two are so much alike!" You then dismiss said friend, because you have heard it before, and it really doesn't turn out to be true. Sometimes... it does, enter Kahmeela Adams.

Kahmeela and I met for coffee after a friend's urging, and the time flew. We share a lot of the same loves including Comic Cons, and (I say proudly), are a bit quirky, funny, and a bit odd. I like that about us.

Much like myself, Kahmeela is a busy woman who likes to have her hands in a lot of fun activities. She has not one, but four podcasts in Pittsburgh! Rugged Angel , Down To Watch, Psych Babble, and ReVisiting Sunnydale where her and her long time friend talk about their love of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Kahmeela has also produced for the past 9 years the 48 Hour Film Project in Pittsburgh.

This is something I really wanted to chat with her about. I have always heard of the project, but never really delved into the details with anyone before. It seemed like something that just passed on my radar, but never really landed. I chat with Kahmeela about what all goes into producing the event, even though this will be her last year in that role.

What do you need to get started? Do you have to have your own crew? Can I film on my phone? What prompts do you get, if any to work with? How long do you have to create it? Will it ever be shown in a theater to anyone? We answer all of these questions.

We also chat about podcasting, and what new folks looking to get into it can expect to find once you start one for yourself. It isn't as easy as it seems. ;P Boardgames, Pittsburgh talk, our love of Storm Large and more happen in this awesome conversation.


Wanna be a part of a LIVE game show!? On January 5th, you can!

Early Bird tickets are now up for "Marta Match- A throwback of The Match Game" at City Theatre on January 5th! YOU could be chosen as a contestant to win big prizes.

Join me as I invite personalities of Pittsburgh on stage with me that include- Rick Sebak, Kellee Maize, Maggie Carr, Day Bracey, and many more.

Magic by Lee Terbosic.

Drag Show by Deep Violet.

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Part of the proceeds benefit Big Brothers and Sisters of Pittsburgh

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Nov 12, 2017

#97 Patrick Cannon

I met Patrick over 10 years ago when we both starred in a musical at Robert Morris College. The musical was 1776. Patrick starred as John Adams, and I played Charles Thomson( Yes I played a man, and slayed it. btw). This was a very magical show for everyone involved. In fact, both my brother and sister starred in the musical as well, and the entire cast grew very close. Years later, we still keep in touch, and remember it fondly.

During the production, it became very clear with everyone that this young actor named Patrick with the booming voice, and stage presence was going to do great things. Patrick was around the Pittsburgh acting scene years later, having worked at many production companies including-Pittsburgh CLO, Front Porch Theatricals, Bricolage Production Company, and the No Name Players. He then decided to try his hand at NYC, where he has resided since, and continues his acting career. Pittsburgh, has never left him though.

A few months ago I received a message from Pat about a script he was writing called Mulligan. His excitement was palpable, you couldn't help but get wrapped up in whatever this project was. He asked if he could get my opinion on the script, and of course I said yes. I was about to board a plane to Morocco, and delighted in the reading material to occupy the time.

I quickly found myself lost in the pages. It was, in a sentence, an homage to Pittsburgh. The story in based in Pittsburgh, and centers around a character named Jack O'Mally. A golf prodigy, a convict, an addict, and a man with a story. "Mulligan-is a story of family, addiction, redefining home, and the pursuit of redemption"

I got to catch up with Patrick the day after they wrapped the pilot. Just one look at him told me how exhausted, and worn down he was from the process, but I am still happy we got to reconnect, and chat about this awesome piece of work he has created. I can't wait to see where it goes. Tune in.


Wanna be a part of a LIVE game show!? On January 5th, you can!

Early Bird tickets are now up for "Marta Match- A throwback of The Match Game" at City Theatre on January 5th! YOU could be chosen as a contestant to win big prizes.

Join me as I invite personalities of Pittsburgh on stage with me that include- Rick Sebak, Kellee Maize, Maggie Carr, Day Bracey, and many more.

Magic by Lee Terbosic.

Drag Show by Deep Violet.

Free beer samplings by Helicon Brewery

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Part of the proceeds benefit Big Brothers and Sisters of Pittsburgh

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Oct 29, 2017

#96 True Spooky Stories of Pittsburgh Part III LIVE!

We are back for True Spooky Stories of Pittsburgh Part III! If you have tuned into Marta On The Move Podcast in the past, the lead up to Halloween always has this episode included.

Usually, John Schalcosky from The Odd, Mysterious, and Fascinating History of Pittsburgh comes over, we hang out in Pj's, invite a few friends and chill out to record.  We got so many requests from fans to be able to view a taping of the live podcast, that we decided to take it to the public this year! What a ball we had.

On Friday the 13th of October we entertained around 30 folk for a sold out showing of True Spooky Stories. We loved it, and hope everyone else did as well. We will be back next year, and hope to open it up to more folks to get to enjoy.

We were truly honored to have some guests join the show and tell some stories of their own. They were really cool. So I hope you will join us and tune in to this podcast. Curl up, dim the lights, and take in some true history of Pittsburgh.

Thank you to everyone who participated and shared their stories for the show, we really appreciate it.  We truly do love hosting this event, and cannot way to see everyone next year!

Photos by Stephanie Strasburg. Closing music by Aaron Leeder

If you missed part I and part II from past years, head on back and check them out.



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Early Bird tickets are now up for "Marta Match- A throwback of The Match Game" at City Theatre on January 5th! YOU could be chosen as a contestant to win big prizes.

Join me as I invite personalities of Pittsburgh on stage with me that include- Rick Sebak, Kellee Maize, Maggie Carr, Day Bracey, and many more. Magic by Lee Terbosic. Music by Deep Violet.

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Part of the proceeds benefit Big Brothers and Sisters of Pittsburgh

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Oct 15, 2017

#95 Angelmakers- Songs For Female Serial Killers

What is it about serial killers that makes us interested in them? My Netflix account is full with documentaries about them.  Thousands of books have been written about them.  Even I, at a young age was obsessed with all the information I could find. Why they did what they did, and more so, HOW could they do it.

In my lead up to Halloween I found something happening in Pittsburgh that I felt was the perfect fit. Angelmakers- Songs For Female Serial Killers written by Molly Rice and Rusty Thelin from Real/Time Interventions that shows at the new Aftershock Theater in Pittsburgh.

Men get enough of the spotlight in this area. Fish, Bundy, Gacy, Gaskins, Gibbs, or my personal favorite, Holmes. ( The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair That Changed America is the best book, folks)

There isn't as much spotlight on women as there are on men, so it is interesting that Real/Time Interventions decided to create a true crime rock concert to showcase some of these women. The show runs October 25th to November 11th. I for one can't wait to gain some new perspective in their troubled lives.

The show will feature an all female band, comprised of both local and international talent including- Milia Ayache, Michele Dunlap, and Zorahna.  After all, #everyonederservesonesong

Go check my previous episode on Castle Blood, if case you missed it, and stay tuned for True Spooky Stories of Pittsburgh Part III!



Angelmakers email bannerAngelmakers jane_poster_small

This episode is sponsored by Levity, Pittsburgh's premier sensory deprivation experience. Get $5 off with code "Marta"

Be sure to check out the two events I have coming up! One on Friday the 13th for True Spooky Stories of Pittsburgh a live podcast with homemade sound effects at Carnegie Coffee Shop.

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Early Bird tickets are now up for "Marta Match- A throwback of The Match Game" at City Theatre on January 5th! YOU could be chosen as a contestant to win big prizes.

Join me as I invite personalities of Pittsburgh on stage with me that include- Rick Sebak, Kellee Maize, Maggie Carr, Day Bracey, and many more. Magic by Lee Terbosic. Music by Deep Violet.

Free beer samplings by Helicon Brewery.

Part of the proceeds benefit Big Brothers and Sisters of Pittsburgh

Sponsored by- Gaucho Parilla Argentina, Levity, Aldo's Food Service, Helicon Brewery, Specialty Food Service, The Church Recording Studio, and Harris Grill.

Oct 1, 2017

#94 Castle Blood

Pittsburgh has it's fair share of horror attractions, ranging from hay rides, to scare houses, forrest trails, and much more. I have not, however, found an attraction that combines all of my favorites things into one... until now.

Castle Blood was introduced to me recently by a fan on my Facebook page.  He suggested that the experience was right up my alley, boy was he right! The attraction combines immersive theater, escape rooms, AND haunted houses all in one. Didn't think it was possible?  Neither did I.

Some may say the only draw back of Castle Blood is it's location.  It's "home" is located in Monessen, a short 45-50 minute ride from downtown Pittsburgh.  I for one, think it makes it a destination, a planned journey, an adventure. When an event is located right in your city, sometimes it is easy to say "Well, I know it is there. We will go next year!" I think one of it's charms is where Castle Blood is located.

While they are trying to revitalize it, Monessen is a forgotten industrial town. Hard to think that Frances McDormand was born there with what it looks like today. Most of the building are vacant, overgrown with foliage.  The coke furnaces are still running, so the air seems thick. Hardly anyone walked the streets as we drove up on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. I know this all sound unappealing, but it makes for a perfect spooky experience.

Castle Blood is located in a 100 year old old funeral home. (How grand is that?) While this location is relatively new for them, Castle Blood has been operating for over 20 years. I arranged a podcast and tour with owner Ricky Dick.

Ricky has been in this industry since the age of 16. He walked us through the house without giving too much away (since I was planning on coming back) The front room gave me legit goosebumps as the original parlor and viewing room.  The rest of the space is disorienting, intricate, fun, and spooky.  The actors are there with you as teams of 8 take the challenge of getting through various rooms.  It really is all of the things I love in one!

Tune into this episode as we walk through Castle Blood!

This episode is sponsored by Levity, Pittsburgh's premier sensory deprivation experience. Get $5 off with code "Marta"

Be sure to check out the two events I have coming up! One on Friday the 13th for True Spooky Stories of Pittsburgh a live podcast with homemade sound effects at Carnegie Coffee Shop.

Sponsored by Carnegie Coffee Shop and Energy Swing Windows

Early Bird tickets are now up for "Marta Match- A throwback of The Match Game" at City Theatre on January 5th! YOU could be chosen as a contestant to win prizes worth over $400.

Join me as I invite personalities of Pittsburgh on stage with me that include- Rick Sebak, Kellee Maize, Patrick Jordan, Maggie Carr, Day Bracey, and many more. Magic by Lee Terbosic. Music by Deep Violet.

Free beer samplings by Helicon Brewery.

Part of the proceeds benefit Big Brothers and Sisters of Pittsburgh

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gravely fb coveroffice 4parlour 1Scrye web



Sep 17, 2017

#93 Steve Rudzinski

We are officially into the Halloween season my friends, and you know what that means.  The lead up to Halloween on my podcast is one of my favorite times of the year. I love featuring everything spooky, scary, and downright fearful these two months, and I have some great episodes coming up, starting with this one.

Steve Rudzinski is a director of horror films in Pittsburgh. Well, not just director. Steve also writes, acts, produces, and edits a good bit of his work as well.  He has been creating films since he was 16, and hasn't stopped since.

I originally heard of Steve when I went to see a showing of Captain Z & the Terror of the Leviathon.  Being a huge horror film nerd myself, I was loving all of the special effects that were put on screen for what must have been a low budget flick.

I brought Steve on the show to chat about behind the scenes of creating your very own horror movie, or any movie in fact. The process, casting, production, and budgets all get brought up through the conversation.  Plus, of course we talk our favorite horror films, that is just a given.  Steve's new horror movie CarousHELL is out now, and we chat about how that came to be, and some cool special effect experiences he has had on set.

The second half of the podcast I dive into asking Steve about his other job as being Marvel's official Spiderman. This guy gets to done the Spideysuit, and fly around the country to perform for events.  I had to know how he landed that gig, and how flexible he was. lol

This episode is sponsored by Levity, Pittsburgh's premier sensory deprivation experience. Get $5 off with code "Marta"

Be sure to check out the two events I have coming up! One on Friday the 13th for True Spooky Stories of Pittsburgh a live podcast with homemade sound effects at Carnegie Coffee Shop.

Sponsored by Carnegie Coffee Shop and Energy Swing Windows

Early Bird tickets are now up for "Marta Match- A throwback of The Match Game" at City Theatre on January 5th! YOU could be chosen as a contestant to win big prizes.

Join me as I invite personalities of Pittsburgh on stage with me that include- Rick Sebak, Kellee Maize, Maggie Carr, Day Bracey, and many more. Magic by Lee Terbosic. Music by Deep Violet.

Free beer samplings by Helicon Brewery.

Part of the proceeds benefit Big Brothers and Sisters of Pittsburgh

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Aug 27, 2017

#92 Darcy Lyle and Rachel Dobos

Facing your fears is never easy, and we as humans tend to run in the opposite direction rather than look them straight in the eye.  I have always been a fan of running towards them.  It started with my first solo plane ride overseas for my volunteer project, then to scuba diving, and recently indoor rock climbing.

I have noticed as I get older, I am starting to have a fear of heights.  I never really noticed it, until I was standing very high up on a ledge somewhere, and instantly got panicked.  It was a terrible feeling that I hadn't known I had, this fear.  So I asked my friend Darcy to take me someplace to beat it out of me. That place, was called Ascend Pittsburgh, an indoor rock climbing gym location in Pittsburgh's South Side.

I didn't know what to expect my first time at Ascend, and to be honest, it looked pretty easy just watching people climb.  The colored notches on the wall, were welcoming, cute even.  Then my turn to try, and I failed miserably the first couple of times.  Those colored notches are NOT cute, they are the devil.  Half way up my second wall I froze, and was urged on by the ever patient Darcy to not look down, and keep going.  I eventually made it to the top of the wall.  Laying down for a good 5 minutes before standing up, and gazing out over my sad success.  It felt good.

The point to my story is that it is scary as hell to try fight your fears, and that is why I HAD to have Steel City Slackers come on my show.  This group of dare devils have taken it to the next level.  I had no clue what slack lining was when I first entered Ascend.  I then found out it is pretty much walking on a tethered 1 Inch thick line of material across a surface, above the ground.

The idea of it seemed hopelessly hard to accomplish to me, but I figured if they were just doing it a foot above the ground, what's the big deal?  If you lose your balance (Which I most assuredly would), you can just step off, no harm done.  Not entirely the case for this group, they go much higher.

I didn't know you could slack line across gorges, mountains, ravines, and other terrifying prospects. This is a thing that is called high lining, and the moment Darcy told me that she tried this to face her fear of heights, I had to have her, and Rachel on the show to talk about the process, and how they worked up the nerve to do it.  We chat about what is all involved, why it is great for your mind and body, what they get out of it and how they mentally prepare themselves.

I was also treated to a showing of acroyoga which is beyond gorgeous to watch.  Darcy and Rachel performed it so fluidly, It seemed I stepped into a carnival show.  It was beautiful, and flawlessly executed.  I hope one day I can be brave enough to try slack lining higher up, and fly through the air like that, but I won't hold my breath. ;)

I did in fact try slack lining in this episode, so you get to hear me struggling.  It is a hoot. Check out the Steel City Slackers free beginners workshop to try it out yourself.

This episode is sponsored by Levity Pittsburgh!  All listeners get $5 off their floats with code "Marta"

Be sure to check out the two events I have coming up!  One on Friday the 13th for True Spooky Stories of Pittsburgh a live podcast with homemade sound effects at Carnegie Coffee Shop.

Sponsored by Carnegie Coffee Shop and Energy Swing Windows

Early Bird tickets are now up for "Marta Match- A throwback of The Match Game" at City Theatre on January 5th! YOU could be chosen as a contestant to win prizes. Join me as I host, and invite personalities of Pittsburgh on stage with me that include- Rick Seback, Kellee Maize, Maggie Carr, Day Bracey, and many more.  Magic by Lee Terbosic. Music by Violet.  Free beer samplings by Helicon Brewery.  Part of the proceeds benefit Big Brothers and Sisters of Pittsburgh

Sponsored by- Gaucho Parilla Argentina, Levity, Aldo's Food Service, Helicon Brewery, Specialty Food Service, and Harris Grill.

Congrats to Facebook follower Brooke Schad for winning the yoga tank top!


This is the face of fear.
Marta is not good at this.
Darcy rocking the yoga moves on the line
Darcy Lyle
Darcy Lyle
Acroyoga demos


Aug 13, 2017

#91 Kenny Gould

I recently met Kenny Gould on a shoot of a TV pilot.  I was playing the part of the host of the show, and Kenny, was one of my judges.  A very picky judge is what he had to portray, and I soon realized that the person he was playing on the show, was not his true character.  Kenny is ridiculously funny, intelligent, and down to earth. Not only that, but he is self made successful entrepreneur.

Kenny Gould is Co-founder, and Editor in Chief of Hop Culture Magazine created right here in Pittsburgh, a periodical that is distributed all over the globe digitally.  It has readers in every corner of the world that want to talk about their favorite subject- BEER.

I myself am a craft brewer, having gotten into the process years ago. I love the process and the community that goes into brewing beer.  It is so supportive.  I don't brew a ton anymore because I realized I was gaining weight at a rapid pace.  When you brew a 5 gallon batch of your favorite clone (Old School Dog Fish Head), you end up with about 2 cases of beer on your hands. What do you do when you have that much beer?  You drink it, a lot.  I had to take a step back from brewing it, but I still love to indulge in craft home brew every now, and then, and so does the general population.

Craft breweries are popping up everywhere.  Here in Pittsburgh, we probably have at least 20 with more "brewing" every month.  Kenny and his friend and other founder Travis Smith saw that potential, and realized a magazine catered towards craft beer would be essential.  So Hop Culture was born, and sprouted.  They now have contributors from across the world wanting to share their stories.  I had no idea Brazil had a craft beer culture, but I found out about that in this podcast.

We talk about beer in this episode, but we also touch on so much more than that.  Kenny is first, and foremost a writer. (Kenny, stop judging my grammar)  He studied creative writing, contributing to Time Out New York, Thrillist, Table, Good Food Pittsburgh, Local Pittsburgh, and Craft Pittsburgh, among many other publications.  I also found out that he has helped people in prison with their creative writing projects.  It was very moving to hear about it.

Another aspect of his life is yoga, which is near and dear to me.  Kenny is a teaches yoga, and also discovered he could combine his two loves together- yoga, and beer into an event focused on both.  It's called Ales and Ohms.  Kenny teaches yoga at different breweries in Pittsburgh, and after the flow, guests get to raise a glass to each other, and quench their thirst.  I can't think of a better way to drink my beer.  

I hope you enjoyed this episode!

Hop Culture is giving away a free yoga tank top for this episode! Ways to enter-




Jul 30, 2017

#90 Kellee Maize and Jimmy McNichol

Kellee Maize is a sensation on the internet.  This white female rapper, singer, and song writer has over 9 million downloads, and continues to grow that number daily.  Maize is the number one person that pops up in your browser when you search for female rappers, and is about to release her 7th album since 2008.  This one woman powerhouse is far more than just her title though.

In 2006 Maize started her own events, and marketing company called Nakturnal . Since then she has become a live speaker, advising startup companies in the music industry, and Huffington Post contributor on how to make music affordably.  Maize is also an activist, using her music to speak out for women's rights, and her personal political views.  Her music parody "Make Love Not Trump" , is a personal favorite of mine. Oh, and I forgot to mention, the icing on the cake is, she is also from Pittsburgh.

Maize's rise to success was not an easy one, and I came upon finding this talented lady, because of a video that popped up on my browser.  Jimmy McNichol's Close- Knit Family and The Daughter Her Never Knew He Had.  I knew of McNichol's from my mom, and from my childhood.  He was "The face you see everywhere", youngest producer at 17, childhood actor, singer, and dancer. Brother of Kristy McNichol, Jimmy, and his sister were the most sought after Hollywood duo of their time. McNichol went on to star in various productions such as Little House On The Prairie, and was the highest paid TV actor on California Fever.  

While watching this video, I couldn't believe the story that brought these two ridiculously talented father and daughter together.  When I found out Maize was from Pittsburgh, and heard her awesome song off her new album "Crown", I had to meet her to hear her story, and this path she created herself as a successful artist, business woman, and straight up courageous human being to take the journey to find her father.

I have given too much away already.  What I haven't given away is Maize telling you the story in her own words, and the phone call we surprised Jimmy with on the show.  You will hear about how these two found each other, and are now creating projects together such as starring on Decker: Unsealed.  Also what they have planned for the future, and  I can tell you, it is going to be a lot.  Tune in to hear the whole story on Marta On The Move Podcast, and follow Maize on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

We are doing a giveaway for this episode!  You could wins  copy of Kellee's book, and a signed copy of her 5th album.  Ways to enter-

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Be sure to vote for both of us for Pittsburgh's City Paper's Best Of The Burgh! Vote for Marta On The Move under People and Places as Best Local Podcast, and Kellee for Best female rapper! You can vote everyday!

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Jul 16, 2017

#88 Beth Caldwell

 We all get pushed and pulled in different directions in our lives.  Usually we do it to ourselves.  We have thousands of thoughts going through our brains every day.  How do you focus, and better yet find your drive, and passion in life.  I myself have so many ideas going through my head at one time, and I find myself sometimes getting a bit frazzled about balancing my work life, home life, and podcast life ;)  So that being said, I met a women at a party one evening, and she intrigued me in her positive nature, and general excitement about life.

Here I bring in Beth Caldwell successful author of 7 books, and her most recent, From Frantic to Focused. -How to Shift Your Life from Out-of-Control to Streamlined and Successful.  Beth is a Pittsburgh resident who has had many hardships through her life, but came back swinging in full force, and proved that it doesn't matter how old you are to find your true passion, and get your life back on track.  Beth is a public speaker , life coach, teacher, mentor, and writes about tools that people can use in business, and personal life.

We had a wonderful conversation, and a lot of what she said hit home for me personally.  Sometimes we are just too afraid to ask for what we want., take the time we need, or just say NO.  Pick up your copy of her book today, and you won't regret it!  I am very excited to see what her, and I accomplish together in the future.  Getting two positive, and motivated women in a room is a dangerously, exciting prospect for events in the future, and a building block to motivate other women to take charge.

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Jul 2, 2017

#88 Rico Gagliano

Rico Gagliano is creator, and co host of Dinner Party Download, and I was lucky enough to snag him as he was passing through Pittsburgh to chill with me for a podcast session.  This meant a lot to me, guys.  Dinner Party Download was one of two podcasts (Nerdist being the other), that inspired me to start my own show.

I love DPD, and still listen to this day (If you don't you are a fool). It is a delightful, cultural blend, that has everything you want out of a podcast.  Jokes, icebreakers, celebrity guests, music choices, cuisine, and etiquette all surrounding a dinner party.

So what happens when you get two podcasters in a room together?  A lot of awesome conversation, and that is what you are going to get right here.  Rico Gagliano has worked in public radio for over a decade, so the guy knows how to speak, and has ties to  our beloved Pittsburgh.  He attended Pitt for Film Studies, wrote for Pittsburgh City Paper, and the Post Gazette.  After that, Rico moved on to be a reporter for "Marketplace".  His pieces have also been heard on All Things ConsideredThe Savy Traveler, and Weekend America.  Rico continues to write works for The Wall Street Journal and Dwell Magazine. 

Dinner Party Download was created with Rico teamed up with co host Brendan Newnam. These two secretly recorded episodes for their idea late at night at the studio. It later got picked up by American Public Radio, and we are all excited that it did.

Rico and Brendan are also releasing their first book "Brunch Is Hell" soon, and I cannot wait to pick up a copy when it releases.  My Marta dream is to team up for a live episode, preferably at The Magic Castle.  ( Yes, I can't stop talking about it) One can dream, my friends, one can dream ;)  Tune in.

Topics discussed-

  • Their new book- "Brunch Is Hell"
  • How the Dinner Party Download Podcast was born
  • The worst etiquette advice from Mel Brooks
  • The story of Elaine Stritch grifting public radio- (Hilarious)
  • The Magic Castle in LA ( Still talking about it)
  • What it's like working with Kai Ryssdal
  • How Dinner Party Download live events have evolved over the years
  • Editing tips for podcasters
  • The drunkest band Marta has ever seen play
  • What's on Rico's mixtape
  • What goes into the post production of their podcast
  • Rewatching the movie Culigula-Yes or No?
  • How to host the perfect dinner party
  • Rico's ideal dinner party

and much, much more.

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Jun 18, 2017

#87 Mike Hitt

It has been 3 years to the date, people!  Damn!  I am so excited to have some really incredible guests on the show this month and next.  Rico Gagliano from Dinner Party Download is joining me on July 2nd!  His podcast was the inspiration for starting my own.  Snap!  Luis Von Ahn the creator of the Captcha, and CEO of Duolingo was my last one, and this one welcomes Mike Hitt from MCM Studios.

Sometimes you meet those people you are just meant to run into at a certain time of your life.  I truly believe that, I believe in timing.  Mike Hitt was a friend I had on Facebook that I had never met in person, but followed along on his adventures.  He created Middle Class Millionare, or MCM studios, that offers recording, editing, and studio time to people of all ages.  If you remember the "I'm So Burgh" shirt, he is behind that too.

I, however, was not following Mike because of those things, I actually found out about his work later.  I was following him because, frankly, I liked his posts.  They ranged from random questions, to inspiring, and uplifting thoughts that I would think about throughout my day.

One day earlier this year, I noticed he was posting red numbers, with nothing else in his updates.  They were in succession, and went to 100.  So, for example, he would post Day 34 of 100.  I had no clue what that meant, but I was intrigued, along with other followers online.  Turns out, Mike was making himself accountable for his days.  100 days to be exact to be the best version of yourself, take action, or fulfill something you haven't before.  I was hooked!  I loved the concept, and I started thinking about my days that way as well.

In that time, Mike's 100 days inspired me to try rock climbing for the first time, and to finally get my act together, and see my idea for MOVE X CREATE to come to life and be a successful event that I plan on continuing! (Podcast later to come). It felt amazing, and I knew I had to get him in for a podcast episode to talk about the concept.

I however, had no clue how much we would mesh in real life.  We had THE best time recording this episode, as I am sure it will shine through.  It was very organic, hilarious, and we hung out long after the microphones had stopped.

Some subjects we "Hitt" Stop trying to be funny, Marta

  • Why connections in your city should be diverse, and strong
  • Inspirations for YOUR 100 days
  • Resumes, what to say when trying to get a position
  • Why you shouldn't pressure couples to get married! Hah!
  • How movement fuels your mind, and opens opportunity
  • Why you should be the strange person dancing alone at the party
  • How to make your connections more creative to gain success
  • Why being an 80's baby is THE best for finding yourself as an adult
  • Planning for your retirement that isn't just a savings account
  • The reason behind why Mike and I have a crisis every day

and much, much more.

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did!  One of my favorite parts is Mike not being able to take the heat in the podcast seat!  Haha. I promise you will get the joke if you tune in :)

Until next time!

This episode is sponsored by Levity Pgh.  Pittsburgh's premier sensory deprivation experience.  All listeners get $5 off with code "Marta"

Closing music by Aaron Leeder

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Rumor has it there is a PGH City Paper article coming out next Weds about me, stoked to take a look.


Mike 1
Mike Hitt- MCM Studios on Marta On The Move Podcast
Jun 4, 2017

#86 Luis Von Ahn

I wonder how many of you may know, that the widely popular company known as Duolingo, has it's base right here in Pittsburgh, PA?  I sure didn't.  After trying many language courses, Rosetta Stone, and even regular CD's you can listen to on your way to work (never happens), I  found myself drawn to the free app that is Duolingo. I just happened to be browsing online one day, and noticed from their website, that they are Pittsburgh based! What, what?

If you listen to my show, you know I love traveling, and merging my cultural experiences with my beloved hometown of Pittsburgh.  Finding out that Duolingo was based here, and that I was addicted to the app, just made my day!  I had to find out who was behind this, and get them on the show.

Turns out a gentleman by the name of Luis Von Ahn created Duolingo.  I reached out, scheduled an interview, and a tour of the office.  Wanting to come prepared for the podcast, I started researching Luis, and found myself blown away by what he has accomplished in his 38 years.  Luis is the inventor of the CAPTCHA.  You all know what that is, the box at the bottom of almost any screen, with fuzzy words, that let's you prove you are not a robot.  Along with that, he created reCAPTCHA, and ESP game, and now Duolingo, among various other notable projects.

Luis has been named one of the 50 Best Brains in Science by Discover, voted in Silicon's 50 Most Influential People in Technology, and has been recognized as a Brilliant 10 by Popular Science.  His credits are almost too long to list, and I cannot wait to see what he does next.

To be honest, once I started researching Luis, I was extremely nervous to chat with him.  The man is, in fact, a genius, and I suddenly found I wasn't very sure of myself.  It turns out, that I did not have to worry at all, and was pleasantly surprised to find him funny, open, and candid.  I truly enjoyed my time spent chatting with him about the origins of Duolingo, and what sent this kid who grew up in Guatemala down his path to  success.  I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did.

Also, a personal note to Luis. I am still available to be a squatter at Duolingo.  I could clean the floors, take out trash, bring coffee, you name it. Ha Ha! (I am only partly kidding.) It is probably the coolest work place I have ever seen in my life.   You can hear more about my tour with them in the intro of the podcast.

If you haven't downloaded Duolingo yet, I HIGHLY suggest it.  My husband and I practice it every morning, and we have found our Italian to be so much better.  It has an amazing success rate, and more importantly, in our busy schedules, it is FUN.  I wake up to the owl every morning :)

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Luis Von Ahn
Luis Von Ahn
He humored me in my thought bubble photo wish. Thanks Luis!
May 14, 2017

I have recently returned from my Moroccan journey, and I am forever changed in my love of spices.  The richness of the country, is in it's spices in my opinion.  I have never seen, tasted, or smelled such pungent, and varied flavors.  I wanted to record when I got home about all that I have seen, tasted, and hopefully share some cooking tips with my listeners from locals on the trip!

I love to cook, and made finding some cooking classes while I was there a top priority.  In fact, the first night I arrived after my flight, I contacted a local family to see if I could join them for dinner, and help prepare the meal.  Khadija'a Kuzina was the easiest choice I had to make before I arrived.  They responded instantly, warmly, and accommodated me on short notice.  I met with them, and had a lovely meal of eggplant appetizer, salad, fresh squeeze juice, and lamb tagine with prunes and almonds. (MY FAV!) It was easily the best food I had in Morocco, and I helped make it, furiously scribbling down recipes, and notes as we cooked.   I felt an instant connection to the family, and can't wait to return to visit them again.

Another excellent cooking class I attended was with Fatima, who cooks out of the Hotel Villa Maroc, and I truly enjoyed that she took us into the depths of the markets in Essaouira.  Even past what I like to call "Slaughter Alley", where all the live meat is butchered.  I will never look at chicken the same way again.  Fatima also explained certain spices that otherwise, we would not know what were used for, and that I wanted them in my own kitchen.  I myself picked up "top of the shop" spice called Ras el Hanout, a blend of over 70 spices that had me questioning whether I was going to clear US customs, because of how strong the aroma.

Next I visited a spice shop in the town where the owners invited me in for tea.  We sat, and discussed his family, and how the spice shop immersed from an old record store.  We also discuss some Moroccan traditions, the favorite spices people use, and types of teas the locals drink daily.

Essouira is also known for their Argan oil, using it for their skin, but also, surprisingly to me, in their cooking, and this is the only place I would purchase it.  It is a women's CoOp that are gaining their freedom, and being self sufficient by working this Argan facility.  We toured it, and met a ton of the ladies that work so hard every day.  The oil is incredible, and I mention the salad dressing recipe in the podcast. They DO deliver to the United States! So I don't have to go without it again!

I am truly honored that these folks let me record with them on my travels, to peer into their lifestyles.  Cooking is a passion of mine, and I believe no matter how different the culture, sharing that love unites everyone.

I cooked all the recipes I wrote down when I got home for a group of friends, and I am happy to report, that they turned out just the same as when I was there! You would be proud Khadija and Housine!  The bread, however, was a disaster.  Sometimes you can only have certain experiences while traveling.  Oh well, to the next adventure!

Here is the recipe for the prunes that Khadija was describing in the podcast below!  Try them with your next tagine!

1 cup prunes

1 tablespoon cinnamon

pinch of salt

1 tablespoon rose water

1/2 cup honey

1/2 tablespoon tumeric

1 cup water

Cook down until syrupy and soft (AMAZING)

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Here are the top foods you should try in Morocco!

Harira-A Traditional Soup

Cous Cous- A grain based main dish in Morocco

Pastila- A sweet and savory stuffed pastry, found a lot in street food.  Could be stuffed with Pigeon or chicken.

Zalook- Eggplant salad made with tomatoes, cilantro, garlic, parsley, lemon. Served as a salad or appetizer

Grilled Sardines- Nuf said.  Get them near the coast. Delish!

Macooda- Fried potato balls (Street food)

Tagine- My absolute favorite! Order the lamb with prunes.

Steamed Sheep Head- I haven't tried this, but it is on my list for next time!

Mint Tea- Served everywhere

Cookies-  EAT THEM ALL

This episode is sponsored by Xeroshoes! "Feel the world!"  the best travel footwear I have found out there for my minimalistic packing list!  They are the best


Apr 30, 2017

Diving is one of my favorite activities, but even I get nervous when I am not prepared.  I have put together some of the things that make, at least for me, a solid base for a successful dive.  I am sure others have their routines they go through, and I would love to hear about them.  Please post if you have something you always do, aside from the regular checks that help make your dive a great one.  Follow me at @icantfindmarta, on Facebook or check out my podcasts on the Epicast TV.


NO CAFFEINE-  Usually, you wake up pretty early to go diving, and if you didn't get a good night sleep, you will be tired and cranky. For me, I have to resist that morning espresso.  I had one once before I went diving, not thinking it would effect me, but my nerves were shot, and I was shaky.  My buoyancy was terrible, and I was breathing more rapidly, and shallow under the water. I knew it was because my heart rate was elevated from the espresso I had hours ago.  It kicked in when I needed it LEAST.  A great learning lesson for me, and I suggest you try it if you are prone to get nervous on your dives.  Wait until after you get back to the dock to enjoy that cup of Jo!  Try an herbal tea in the morning instead.

Coffee-Crazed Woman


MEDITATE-  Everyone, whether they know it or not, practices some sort of meditation.  It could be going to church, having that quiet moment with a cup of tea, or simply closing your eyes for a few minutes.  For me, it is essential to start my day on the day of a dive with a good meditation.  My husband and I practice TM Transcendental Meditation.  Ever since starting the classes, our dives have been much smoother. Phil didn't take to diving as easily, was always very nervous, so it is great to see something have success in his overall state of mind going into a dive.  It made a significant difference.  Ifyou are saying to yourself, it is too early, there is no time, I don't know how to mediate. These are not true. Try it on the boat ride out to the site.  It doesn't have to be a guided meditation, and you do not have to take a class to do it.  Just sit quietly for a few minutes, and try to clear your mind.  Breathe evenly in long breathes, and focus on something, a tree perhaps.  Try it before your next dive, and I bet you will see a difference.



DON'T RUSH-  On dive boats, everything is calm until the exact moment where it is time to get in the water.  It always seems like a scramble, or race at the very end.  Do not play into this race.  Prepare your ITEMS to be easily within reach of you when you first get on the boat.  That way they are nearby, and when it comes time to get your gear ready, take your time.  There is nothing worse than getting worked up right before you jump into the water.  A good Dive Master will not rush you, but I have had some that have, and it made for a very nervous crew, that some almost weren't able to descend because their heart rate was up, and they couldn't calm down.  Do not be rushed by anyone, if they give you a hard time about it, ignore them.  You would rather take a few extra seconds to make sure all of your gear is in place, then have something happen that will effect your dive in a negative way. Relax, in a few moments you will be calmly floating under the water.



EAT RIGHT AND HYDRATE-  It has taken me awhile to find the perfect BALANCE of morning foods that will work well with diving.  Some foods are too greasy, and can cause me to be a bit nauseous. (Not to mention worry that I may have to #2 on the boat, the terror!!!)  Some foods are too high in carbs and feel like a tons of bricks in my stomach. (Maybe 2 bagels with ham and cheese wasn't the best choice this morning)  Bananas are my to go choice for diving.  They bind your stomach, fill you up, and add vitamins to help you keep hydrated and focused such as potassium, manganese, Vitamin C, B6, Folate.   I usually eat two because one is not enough to keep me sated.  If you need a larger breakfast in the morning, pair with a piece of toast.  For after the dive, I always bring a snack, usually a granola bar will do the trick, or a fresh piece of fruit to clear your mouth from the salt.  Another tip is to make sure you have a drink of water right before you put your mask on.  Your mouth will get dry quickly, it is refreshing and hydrating to take a quick sip before your dive.



BREATHE THROUGH YOUR MOUTH- Think of how you are breathing reading this, it is probably through your nose.  90% of our lives we breathe through our nose, unless we are completely congested.  While diving, you train yourself to breathe through your mouth.  You are probably thinking that this seems a relatively easy thing to do, but being faced with it after not having done it for awhile can be a shock to your system.  You will fight it because your are not used to it, and it will make you nervous. I live in Pittsburgh, and do not get to dive often enough to practice these skills constantly.  So I started practicing on the boat ride out to my next diving destination completely breathing through my mouth the whole ride out.  It made a WORLD of a difference in my diving, I was prepared for when my nose was in the mask, I didn't have that rush of panic that comes when your brain triggers that you can't breathe.  It HELPED me immensely, and I hope you try it on you next dive.  If this doesn't convince you, it is stated that you can lower your heart rate simply breathing long, deep breathes through your mouth!



Apr 16, 2017

#83 Rick Sebak

FINALLY!!!!   Not many of you know this, but I have been trying to get Rick Sebak on my show since day one.  Our schedules have never synced up, until now, and I am so glad we waited, because it is pure gold.

If you grew up in Pittsburgh, you knew his voice, and later spotted him around town.  For those that don't know him, Rick is a highly skilled director, producer, and writer for WQED Pittsburgh.  His signature "scrapbook documentaries" have been copied across the country, but never duplicated.  His Kickstarter "Nebby" is going on now to build funds for 6 new videos highlighting Pittsburgh.  We want that to happen, so make sure you head over, and donate to help us bring that to life!

Rick has a certain way of showcasing the people, and history of Pittsburgh that is hard to put into words, so I am not going to try, if you have seen him, you know exactly what I mean.  I will tell you, however, that we had a lovely conversation about his history, his story, Pittsburgh's food scene, and how he came to be THE man of Pittsburgh.

This is by far one of my longest episodes, because it was a wonderful conversation we didn't want to end.  We laughed, I almost cried, we talk Rick's fear of ghosts ;), compare our Pittsburgh accents, and eat some pie, it was perfect.  Rick even has me take the CBS announcer test, which I think I passed!  Make sure you listen all the way to the end, because Rick reads a gorgeous poem written in 1924 about Pittsburgh, and I really do tear up, thank goodness this is audio only.  

Subscribers to my newsletter get access to unpublished content.  This time, it includes Rick playing the game of Accents with Marta On The Move, it was hilarious, and he nailed it!  I can't wait to have him back on the show, this time for a meeting of the minds with John Schalcosky.  It is sure to be greatness.  Stay tuned!

Photos by Dustin Wickett  Closing music by Aaron Leeder

Follow along on FacebookTwitterInstagram  If you missed the previous episode with Patrick Jordan from Bare Bones Productions, check it out!  Hilarious comedy.

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Stay tuned for an event I am putting on with Jhon Yonan from MUV Integrated Fitness on May 20th at the Ace Hotel!  Details soon!


Apr 2, 2017

#82 Patrick Jordan

Serendipity  : the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for

Unfortunatly, when I say the word Serendipity, you may think of a very bad romantic comedy starring John Cusack.  I know, because that is what I thought of any time I heard that word.  No longer is that the case for me.  Now when I think of that word, a person comes to mind by the name of Patrick Jordan. I met Patrick at a Deep Local party, and was introduced by our mutual friend Jeff Swenson.  Little did we know our history at that time, but we do now!  You just have to listen to the episode to hear it.

I will tell you that Patrick Jordan is the Artistic Director of his company Barebones Productions in Pittsburgh, PA.  A local theater company that pushes the envelope, bringing plays to life that have an edge, or grit.  I saw my first (but not last), Barebones production of The Elaborate Entrance Of Chad Diety at The Ace Hotel recently, and was blown away by the production.  It was a sold out show, and I had such a blast during it.  I couldn't wait to have Patrick on to grill him about the in's and out's of putting that show together.  I mean, there was a real wrestling ring!

Little did I know, we were going to have an epic and hilarious chat.  Topics discussed-

What exactly happened to Patrick's phone.

The history of Barebones

Putting together The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Diety

Acting challenges In Pittsburgh

Patrick's crush on Matthew Modine

Voice Over Work

Patrick's ability to hypnotize himself

Marta's dark secrets.

What didn't we talk about?

Patrick has graciously volunteered himself for a contest for this episode-  The winner gets a recording by Patrick that will lull you into sleep, giving you the best relaxation of your life.  No, this is real, we are doing this!

Ways to Enter-

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You know you want it...

Photos by John Schalcosky!  Closing music by Aaron Leeder

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NOT sponsored by Larrimor's. (Inside podcast joke, you would get it if you listened)  "Open A New Window"

Patrick Jordan
Patrick Jordan
Patrick Jordan on voiceovers
Patrick Jordan on voiceovers
Marta Napoleone Mazzoni
Marta Napoleone Mazzoni


Patrick Jordan from Barebones productions on Marta On The Move
Mar 19, 2017

#81 Pittsburgh Speakeasies with John Schalcosky and Mike Mills

Hey all!  This month I am keeping up with the Pittsburgh Drinks theme, and offering a part two to the episode prior to this one that featured Sean Enright and Cody McDevitt.  If you haven't listened to that one yet, I suggest you do!  It is full of interesting drinks recipes, tips, and facts about Pittsburgh that are featured in their book, Pittsburgh Drinks.

We touch on Pittsburgh speakeasies on that episode, but I wanted to take that a step farther, and bring on my true, and trusted researcher of pretty much everything, John Schalcosky from The Odd, Fascinating, and Mysterious History Of Pittsburgh to dig up what he found on Pittsburgh speakeasies.  I also wanted to pair that with some whiskey tasting tips in honor of The Whiskey Rebellion Festival, and age old bootleggers.  Mike Mills joins us, and instructs us on how to taste whiskey properly, along with some other tips for your at home consumption.

We chat about where the term speakeasy comes from, what made it relevant, the term Blind Tiger (If you don't know what that is, you will love this), what our favorite idea of a speakeasy would be in Pittsburgh, and much, much more.  I love the energy of this episode. We had a great time, and I hope you will too.  So grab that snifter, pour yourself a nib, and come join us.

Hope to see everyone at the Pittsburgh Drinks book release party on March 27th!

Whiskey Rebellion, speakeasies, whiskey tasting, bitters tasting, history and more on Marta On The Move Podcast
Mike Mills, John Schalcosky, and Marta Napoleone Mazzoni
Woodford Reserve Whiskey Tasting
Woodford Reserve Whiskey Tasting


John Schalcosky
John Schalcosky
Mike Mills
Mike Mills
Pittsburgh Speakeasy History on Marta On The Move Podcast
How to taste bitters 101


Mar 5, 2017

Pittsburgh has a very long, and semi forgotten history in the world of cocktails.  I just recently learned about a lot of it through the book Pittsburgh Drinks : A History of Cocktails, Nightlife & Bartending Tradition by Sean Enright, and Cody Mcdevitt.  If you are a listener of my show, you know I love a great cocktail, and am constantly striving to improve my mixing abilities at home.  With that in mind, I wanted to do a 2 part release featuring, and praising Pittsburgh as not just an incredible town for craft cocktails, but also showcasing that our history in this area is richer than most would think.

Part 1 Pittsburgh Drinks with Sean Enright and Cody Mcdevitt.  This episode bring the incredible talents of these two gentleman.  Sean starts us off in the episode to aid in our Craft Cocktail Series, teaching those at home how to up their game at making cocktails.  He mixes up (out of my very short supply), two cocktails that you can easily make at home to impress your guests, or have on a random Tuesday evening to treat yourself.  Maggie's Farm Rum is the main focus of these cocktails, and makes for a perfect sip.  Thank you for sponsoring this episode! Love having distilleries thriving in Pittsburgh once again!

The second half of our podcast we bring in Cody Mcdevitt, an award winning journalist that teamed up with Sean to bring their book Pittsburgh Drinks to life!  This episode touches on Pittsburgh craft cocktail history, the process of publishing, recording, and documenting recipes, and information from folks involved with the book. There was a lot I didn't know about our town, and I am sure you will be just as surprised as I was to learn that Pittsburgh is a key city in the craft cocktail world.  I also love the recipes included within it's pages, along with pictures of what your cocktail "should" look like.  Don't worry if it doesn't just try, try again!

Hope to see everyone at the book release party on March 27th at Spirit!  It is sure to be an awesome event that is full of surprises.

You can purchase your own copy of the beautifully designed, and written book here.  

Stay tuned for the next episode that shines more knowledge about Pittsburgh's Speakeasy history, and included a Whiskey 101 Tasting session with Mike Mills, and John Schalcosky from The Odd, Fascinating, and Mysterious History of Pittsburgh!  Don't forget to subscribe to the newsletter to get episode first, and also unvarnished content.  Cheers!

Sean Enright making cocktails from Maggie's Farm Rum for Pittsburgh Drinks on Marta On The Move Podcast
Sean Enright making cocktails from Maggie's Farm Rum for Pittsburgh Drinks
Pittsburgh Drinks on Marta On The Move Podcast
Cody McDevitt and Sean Enright chat about the history of Pittsburgh cocktails
Cody Mcdeviit, Sean Enright, and Marta Mazzoni on Marta On The Move Podcast for Pittsburgh Drinks. Sponsored by Maggie's Farm Rum
Cody Mcdeviit, Sean Enright, and Marta Mazzoni on Marta On The Move Podcast for Pittsburgh Drinks.


This episode is sponsored by Maggie's Farm Rum located in the heart of the the Strip District.

"Our awards for Maggie’s Farm Rums, including, but not limited to, Pennsylvania Distillery of the Year, Best-of-Category Spiced Rum, Best-in-Class Rum, and Best-in-Show Spirit, all from prestigious American craft and international spirits competitions make us one of the most awarded distilleries in America since our inception in October of 2013.

Allegheny Distilling is an urban distillery located in the historic Strip District of Pittsburgh and maker of Maggie’s Farm Rum, the first commercially-available Pennsylvania-made craft rum since Prohibition. Maggie’s Farm is more about what it isn’t, a corporate entity where marketing gimmicks and bottom lines trump taste and quality. Maggie’s Farm is an independent craft distillery founded without the support of banks, venture capitalists, and rich relatives.

All of our rums are distilled from turbinado, a raw cane, rather than molasses and pot-distilled for body and flavor on 100% copper Spanish-made stills. All of our aged rums are now pushing two years old and aged in neutral rum casks, same as most Caribbean distillers do, to preserve the flavors and aromas produced by tertiary esterification, rather than the oaky flavors produced by new charred or ex-whiskey casks used by most American craft rum distillers. All of our stills and manufacturing processes are on display right behind the cocktail bar in our distillery’s tasting room located in Pittsburgh’s industrial Strip District."


Feb 19, 2017

#79 Joe Furlow- General Manager of The Magic Castle

I have traveled quite a bit, and have visited places that I thought were incredible, and some places that were all hype.  I have wanted to visit a place called The Magic Castle in Los Angeles the moment someone told me that it existed.  A secret society of magicians? WHAT?  Truth be told, it was all I could think about for a while.  So when the opportunity presented itself, I jumped.  I could not wait any longer.

I won't go into too much history about the place ( You will have to tune into the episode for that!).  I will tell you that The Magic Castle or The Academy of Magical Arts was incorporated in 1961, and shortly after The Castle opened its doors on January 2, 1963, and has been in operation ever since.  It has become known as “The Mecca for Magicians” throughout the world to come, entertain, and practice their craft.

I truly was like a kid in a candy store when I walked in, and I smiled the ENTIRE time.  they nearly had to drag me out when it was time to leave.  My friend Joshua Antoon and I saw 6 shows that evening, had delight cocktails, and conversations with magicians from all around the world.  Shout outs to the magicians that were performing that we got to take in- Hubb, Mat Ricardo, Rubén Vilagrand, Jack Nasher, Jeff Ezell, and David and Leeman.  You were all unique and incredible!

There are way too many things I love about the castle.  A:  It's makes you feel special just getting in  B: You have to dress up  C: No pictures allowed  D:  You can explore to you hearts content.  (That last bit had me all over the place looking in rooms, nooks, and crannies.  I wanted to drink it all in, every last bit, and I feel as though I haven't even scratched the surface. ) Which leads me to E:  They bring in rotating magicians from all over the world!   Meaning, you could go week to week, and see different acts every time you go.  They have 5 theaters in the building!  I am not kidding you.  They also have 5 bars... Yes, you heard me right.  There is so much I want to tell about the place, but I will just let Joe take this one, and maybe after the interview I will geek out a bit more about it.

I can't wait to return to feel like a kid again.  Hats off to you MC, keep that magic alive!


PS:  HUGE thanks to Wayne Kawamoto, and my great friend Nick Carifo for making all this possible.  We had such an amazing time!  Closing Music by Aaron Leeder

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The Magic Castle, Los Angeles, Academy of magical Arts, Marta On The Move Podcast
Marta On The Move heads to The Magic Castle in LA.

Photo by: Brian Joseph Ochab

Joe Furlow General Manager of The Magic Castle in LA on Marta On The Move podcast
General Manager Joe Furlow and sons.
Marta On The Move is about to head into the Magic Castle in LA for an inside look on her podcast
Me about to speak to the owl to be let inside!
Hat & Hare Pub.Magcian-Bartender Mike Piscotta #2
There are magicians performing in every nook and cranny
Magic Castle (Day)
Outside of The Magic Castle
Marta On The Move features The Magic Castle
Feb 5, 2017

#78 City Of Play- Adam Nelson and Greg Manley

I have been waiting for this episode for probably about two years.  I have covered other events for City Of Play, and am a HUGE fan of this organization.  I feel as though I was just waiting for the perfect moment to record, maybe even waiting to get to know the organizers better.  I just knew, I wanted to wait to record to bring their story to all of you, and I am glad I did.  In the two years I have known them, they have become very great friends, and it just made this episode that much more fulfilling to record.

Adam and Greg are awesome, they provide an invaluable service to our city. "City of Play is a creative agency that designs interactions and builds real-world games for businesses and communities."  This is what the description is on their website. City Of Play is so much more than that though, it is about relationships, team building, engaging the people, and places in, and around our city.  It is about FUN, pure fun, and working together without scorn, or judgement.  EXAMPLE!

The first time I walked into an event hosted by what was then called Obscure Games. It was for the Hambones Wednesday game night.  I didn't know anyone there, I was an outcast, and I instantly wanted to turn around and leave before I walked into the door.  Things changed though, people said hi, folks looked up from their games and invited me to play.  A gentleman named Ben Shulman was the nicest guy I have met to date, and welcomed me to sit in on a game that A: They were halfway into playing B: That I have no clue how to play.  Ben explained everything, and we had such a great time doing it. I was hooked!

City Of Play has evolved since then into amazing things, their festival Come Out and Play happens yearly, they offer companies in Pittsburgh team building exercises (Adam I know you hate that term, lol) They put up a huge installation of the game Operation for UPMC, and are just on the tip of the iceberg for exciting things.  Oh, and they put on Dodgeball, my absolute favorite.  You can see me rocking out in the photos below.

Join Adam, Greg, and myself as we delve into the world of adult gaming.  I am sure you will have a ball, and maybe even join in the next event!  I hope to see you there!  True personalities pictured below-


City Of Play Pittsburgh, PA sits with Marta On The Move Podcast, game central

Photo by Lindsay dill


Marta On The Move Loves Dodgeball.  Photo by Justin Merriman


Jan 22, 2017

#77 Marcel Lamont Walker

I cannot draw, I truly don't have great penmanship either, so I am constantly in awe of folks that have this ability.  I think most of us are "drawn" to them, the creatives.  Having a talent that may take some shaping, but is really THERE.  I feel as though my first form of  influential artwork was comics.  I loved them.  I am sad to say, that Barbie was one of the first ones I had because of my catholic grade school upbringing.  Anything I didn't get to smuggle in, was provided for by my older brother, and sister.

I will admit, they had a great *ahem* book and film collection that was well past my years, but no comics.  Barbie was the only subscription service allowed to be delivered to the house   I could go into the whole theory about self esteem, and why this, for me was a poor subscription choice from my parents, but that's what I got.  Shortly after Barbie, came Batman.  What a jump, a release, a slight breath of seeing a glimmer of who I am as a person.  Someone I could relate to, finally look up to, and envision myself working side by side.  Yes, I know.... Batman.

I would think that this is pretty standard for folks that enjoy comics.  Which is why, after my long rant (thank you for humoring me), I present to you a man with ridiculous talent, creativity, and passion, Marcel Lamont Walker.

I met Marcel at a Toonseum event through our mutual friend Stu Neft.  He was instantly likable, and I found him to be genuine in his enthusiasm about..... everything.  I feel rather confident in saying that people who have met Marcel, would say he is a spot of sunshine.  It is always refreshing to meet someone, and know quickly that you would like to hang out with them more than a passing greeting.  Marcel was very much this person.

Aside from having a long list of creative traits-  musician (yes the man can sing too!, author, teacher, writer, artist, photographer, and illustrator.  He has things that I just wanted to chat with him about, mainly his comic Hero Corp., International, and the collaborative effort with The Holocaust Center of Greater Pittsburgh called, CHUTZ- POW! Superheroes Of the Holocaust. 

I have a in depth and charming interview with him.  I loved having him on my show, and you will love all of the inspirational things he has to say.  Enjoy.

ALSO!  Contest Giveaway!-

Marcel is giving away a big prize to a lucky winner!  1 pair of Chutz-Pow comics AND a personal sketch of YOURSELF as a super hero! WHAT!  How cool is that!?

Ways To Enter-

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Winner is pulled in two weeks for the release of my episode with City Of Play!  God speed!

Also! Don't forget to check out their annual event for the Toonseum- KA- BLAM!  April 22nd!


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Jan 8, 2017

#76 Fun A Day Pittsburgh

Happy 2017!  We are going to make this year RULE!  Starting off the new year with a super fun project for all of you.  Fun A Day Pittsburgh is an event that has been in "play" for over a decade in Pittsburgh, and I JUST found out about it.  I need more fun in my life, and what better way to start the new year, than participating in something that is committed to just doing what you love for 31 days.   So that is the whole deal, do something fun for 31 days, and at the end of those 31 days, display your project in an art show.

That is it! Now, don't think too much into it, and don't freak out like I did. (I had no clue what I was going to do for the longest time).   I am super happy I got to sit with Laura Greenawalt and Angela Stabryla because they calmed me down, and explained the event in detail.  Tune in and check out how you can join in the fun.  Because if you aren't having fun, what's the point? OH! and don't freak out also because this releases Jan 8th, you can STILL participate in Fun A Day!  Just start now!

Marta On The Move is sponsored by Levity Pgh!  All Listeners get $5 off with code "marta"

2016 was a crazy year for me, I got published in Huffington Post, featured in NY Media The Vanguard as an influential woman in media, got to interview people I thought I would never, ever meet including Alec Baldwin, and Patrick Wilson........   I am so thankful, and so happy to be a part of everyone's lives. I really hope 2017 is a million times better!  Cheers all!

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Photos by Jack Fordyce!  Especially like the one he snuck in their of Phil and I's new ornament! Thanks Jackie!