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Marta On The Move Podcast- Hosted by Marta Napoleone Mazzoni

Marta on the Move Podcast hosted by Marta Napoleone Mazzoni is an award winning show about lifestyle, entertainment and travel. Follow along in Marta's journeys over at

Apr 30, 2017

Diving is one of my favorite activities, but even I get nervous when I am not prepared.  I have put together some of the things that make, at least for me, a solid base for a successful dive.  I am sure others have their routines they go through, and I would love to hear about them.  Please post if you have something...

Apr 16, 2017

#83 Rick Sebak

FINALLY!!!!   Not many of you know this, but I have been trying to get Rick Sebak on my show since day one.  Our schedules have never synced up, until now, and I am so glad we waited, because it is pure gold.

If you grew up in Pittsburgh, you knew his voice, and later spotted him around town.  For those...

Apr 2, 2017

#82 Patrick Jordan

Serendipity  : the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for

Unfortunatly, when I say the word Serendipity, you may think of a very bad romantic comedy starring John Cusack.  I know, because that is what I thought of any time I heard that word.  No longer is that the...